Australian fans look to bring a touch of Down Under to Bengaluru

Australian fans look to bring a touch of Down Under to Bengaluru

Australian fans look to bring a touch of Down Under to Bengaluru
The Australians have got off to a brilliant start in the series and as they eye another strong show in the second Test, a clutch of fans from Down Under are set to back their team to the hilt.

On their first visit to India, the fans -- a group of six — all ardent lovers of Test cricket, say they are excited to watch the battle between the two powerhouses of the game.

“We are here in India for the first time. An Indian friend back in Australia had promised to come down with us for this Test match and take us around the city. Unfortunately for some reasons he couldn’t make it but we didn’t want to miss the game so we made sure we are here for it,” said Ashley, who hails from Victoria.

Pre-series predictions hugely favoured India but with Australia taking the lead, they are eagerly hoping for their team to go 2-0 up after the Bengaluru game. “Who knows, the game could be over in three days again. But 2-0 will be good with the pitch favouring us again,”  Ashley said laughing.

The group is doing its best to bring in the Australian flavour in the stands which will be dominated by Indian supporters.  “We have got some hats with Foster Lager, the Australian beer, designs on it. We are also planning to wear some customised T shirts that will showcase our love for Australia,” said Simon.  Though rooting for their team, they didn’t shy away from showing their admiration towards Indian skipper Virat Kohli. “He is a freak and he is too good. We are here to watch him too. My favourite from Australia is Mitchell Starc,” Simon expressed.

Despite the popularity of T20 Big Bash League in Australia, Test cricket still is the purest form of the game, felt Ben Petting from Queensland.  “We have travelled from Australia to watch Test cricket and we love the format,” Ben said.

Speaking about the city, Ben said: “Bangalore is a busy place but it’s different and nice. We are looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully it’s a good day of cricket.”