Unbottling her creativity

Unbottling her creativity

Unique hobbies

Unbottling her creativity

At first glance, Soumya Vadakkayil seems like your typical techie. A consultant from Capgemini, she did her diploma from NTTF Electronics & IT Training Centre in Hosur and is now happily settled in the city with her husband and son. But a closer look will reveal a deep passion for art and craft; an interest that has manifested itself in diverse activities like pot painting, bottle art, textile designing, jewellery making and so on.

“I was interested in drawing and artwork even as a child,” says Soumya. “And I wanted to try everything possible, not just one or two things. After coming to Bengaluru, I got a lot of opportunities and took to the field of art in a big way.”

A look at her Facebook page, ‘Art Feelings’, will vouch for this. Brightly coloured bottles with striking designs showcase her prowess with the paintbrush and an eye for the smaller details in life. “Unlike many others who use glass paints for bottle art, I tried my hand at acrylic paints. It was tough going at first and most of my experiments were failures. But I stuck to it and now this is what gives my creations a unique look,” explains Soumya, adding that she is immensely inspired by tribal art from Africa and other such olden techniques.

“My other source of inspiration is people. They teach you to think in a different way and open your mind to the immense possibilities of art. Once, when I had set up a stall at Kitsch Mandi, quite a lot of people appreciated my creations and said that they hadn’t seen anything like that. A few of them gave me suggestions, one of them being if the bottles could be turned into lampshades in some way. I thought it was an interesting idea and set about converting round pots into lampshades. So in the morning you can admire the vibrant colours of the pot while at night, you can be dazzled by the lights in it,” explains Soumya.

She credits her family for being a pillar of support as she juggles home and work to find time for herhobby. “My husband is encouraging and helps me out at home so that I have time for myself. My child, who is in UKG, is also very understanding and doesn’t disturb me while I am working on something. Even if I leave an item for drying after painting, he will not go near it or try to touch it,” she says.
Apart from being a motivator, Soumya’s husband is also her biggest critic and gives
her inputs on her works. “He gives his viewpoint as a common man, not as an artist. Earlier I used to feel bad when he thought that some of my creations weren’t that great;
after all, I had put so much effort into that. But he explained that people will not be interested in knowing how much time I spent. They will only want a perfect end
product. And that realisation has made me a better artist,” she says.

However, Soumya has no plans to quit her job to turn her passion into her profession as she enjoys her work. “But I am working on more things now. I plan to experiment with bigger bottles and pots and try my hand at traditional Indian art forms seen in the different states. It takes a lot of time though. The bottles are very fragile and one has to be very careful while handling them.

I don’t mind if they break before I paint on them but I can’t bear the thought of my hard work shattering into pieces.”

(Soumya can be contacted through her Facebook page ‘Art Feelings’)