'I always celebrate my birthday with my fans'

'I always celebrate my birthday with my fans'

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'I always celebrate my birthday with my fans'

Actor Radhika Pandit will be celebrating her birthday on March 7 with her fans. This birthday is special as it comes after her marriage to actor Yash. It also marks the end of a three-month break for her.

Last seen in ‘Santhu Straight Forward’, opposite Yash, she has now signed a new project, the details of which will be announced on her birthday. Radhika thinks life hasn’t changed much after marriage. In fact, she feels it has got better because she receives lot of support and encouragement from Yash’s family. In an interview with Nina C George, she talks about how she always manages to strike the perfect balance between her personal and professional life.    

This birthday is indeed very special. How do you intend to celebrate it?

I always celebrate my birthday with my fans. Every year, my family and friends get together and we cut a cake on March 6 and March 7. I spend the day with my fans who come in from across the State. It’s going to be the same this year too.

How is Yash going to make your birthday special?

Every year on my birthday, I would get to see Yash only in the evening because he has
always been working but this year, he will spend the day with me which makes it extra special. We will be meeting my fans together.

How was the break?

It’s been three months since I signed a project. I haven’t taken such a long break in a while. The wedding came as a perfect excuse to take time off. I’ve now started reading a couple of scripts and have finalised one. Yash’s venture, ‘YashoMarga’ has been doing well and has branched out into restoring and rejuvenating the lakes in North Karnataka. I spend time travelling for that purpose as well.

Are you going to be choosy with your projects?

I’ve always been careful when choosing my projects. I never do films for money, out of any obligation or because I am jobless. I work on a project only after I am convinced with the script and the role. I’ve always been a little stubborn when it comes to work.

You turned a singer with ‘Zoom’? Will you sing again?

I am not a good singer and I don’t think singing will be my second profession. It took a lot of convincing for the team of ‘Zoom’ to get me to sing.

You and Yash make for a good pair onscreen. Will we see you both work together again?

I don’t have preferences on who I want to act with because Kannada film industry has a lot of versatile actors and technicians. I would be lucky to work with everybody. I give importance to the script and story. If there’s an opportunity to work with Yash and the script demands it, then why not?

How do you manage to strike a balance between work and home?

It’s not very difficult because I am born into a family that is loving and now I am married into a family that is equally encouraging and supportive of my profession.