48East narrates tales on the Asian gastronomical route

48East narrates tales on the Asian gastronomical route

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48East narrates tales on the Asian gastronomical route

Asia on a plate is what best describes 48East. The less-than-a-year-old entrepreneurial idea which Joseph Cherian and Nabhojit Ghosh dished out together carries customers on a culinary journey across the 48 countries of the world’s largest continent, through just a click of a button or a tap over an app.

But what’s so special about Asian food, simply a potpourri of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese fare, and not to forget, Indian cuisine? This is the food for thought that occurred to 48East.

Tracing the Asian taste trail, 48East Chief Culinary Officer Ghosh, who is also a chef, explains that the continent’s vastness hides secrets about a lot of delicacies, which can be found and recreated using recipes and methods being as authentic and time-honoured as possible, yet retaining their gastronomical originality.

“The aim is to get traditional delights and popular favourites from across Asia to customers in India, providing gourmet offerings at affordable prices. While Indians know Chinese, Thai, Malay, Japanese, and Vietnamese, besides some Middle Eastern flavours today, there exists a gap which we want to fill,” Ghosh tells DH.

The Asian menu in this case which gets additions and refreshes every week, has offered local sensations such as Myanmar’s Khao Suey, Singapore’s Laksa, and Korea’s Bibimbap, besides plates of dumplings, biryani, kebabs, and desserts, among others. Prices range from Rs 130 to Rs 250 for items.

According to Cherian, who’s also the CEO: “There are 26 items on the menu every week, which can be ordered using our website or app. Currently, we only handle deliveries from our two kitchens in Bengaluru, covering areas within a maximum delivery time of 45 minutes from source.”

Each state-of-the-art kitchen has a trained staff of over 10, arranged in order as in a five-star hotel kitchen, with high-tech infrastructure and cold-chain in place, ensuring quality, safety and hygiene. A strong industry-connect has aided in supply chain too.

“In order to curate the menu, we conduct internal research all the time. Any cuisine has elements that may connect with the Indian palate. Also, Indians today have the motivation to experiment with new tastes,” Ghosh says.

Cherian reiterates, “We serve an aware and well-traveled universal audience, hailing from discerning individuals, groups and corporates. Internet penetration has also played a significant role.”   

The company has raised $750,000 in funding till date, and aims to grow sustainably. “We’re aggressive about organic growth, through referrals and loyalties. Over 75% of our customers are repeat ones. We have seen over six times growth in volumes, and in the coming months, we plan to open a couple of kitchens more in Bengaluru,” Cherian wraps up.