Modi has grown old & tired, UP will get a govt of youth: Rahul

Modi has grown old & tired, UP will get a govt of youth: Rahul

Modi has grown old & tired, UP will get a govt of youth: Rahul

Claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has "grown old" and must be "feeling tired", Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today said his party and ally SP would form a "government of youth" in Uttar Pradesh. This government of youth, he claimed, will make UP "the factory of the world" and even former first lady of the USA Michelle Obama would find 'Made in Jaunpur' embossed over her kitchen utensils.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi has grown old, and hence a government of the youth will be formed in UP. And this government will make the state -- the factory of the world. Products with 'Made in Uttar Pradesh' embossed on them will be made available throughout the world," he said. Continuing his jibe, Rahul claimed that since Modi has grown old, he must be feeling tired.

"I told Akhilesh that we must extend some help to Modiji. Let's give him some time...some moments of peace. You (Akhilesh) become the Chief Minister, and he (Modi) would get some rest," he said. Taking a dig at the PM's roadshows in Varanasi, Rahul said, "Repeated re-takes of Modiji's film are taking place." In four days, there have been four re-takes, but things did not materialise, he said.

"Two days ago there was a roadshow, it did not yield desirable results, then there was a roadshow yesterday, it too did not result in anything positive. I heard that today Modiji is walking on foot," said Rahul, taking a swipe. Continuing his attack, he said that Modiji's film of 'Achhe Din' has flopped and will not be available for public viewing.

"In fact, Modiji is afraid, and hence for the last three days he has been camping in Varanasi," he alleged. In his speech, Rahul said that five years from now, if a farmer from the state goes to the US, he would find that the phones available there are manufactured in UP.

"We would emboss 'Made in Uttar Pradesh' over it, and whichever shop he visits, the entire stock would be from UP," Gandhi said. Referring to the former US First Lady, Rahul said, "When Obama's wife would be cooking food in her kitchen, she would admire the utensils. After admiring the cooking utensils she should read the lines 'Made in Jaunpur' embossed over them."

Referring to the Prime Minister's comment that he has been summoned by Ganga 'maiyya' (mother Ganga) as her son, Rahul said, "Modiji should tell whether the river Ganga has only one son in India." The Congress Vice-President alleged that PM Modi has forced BJP stalwart L K Advani to "retire".

Continuing in a sarcastic vein, he said that the Prime Minister was claiming credit for the entire work of the government. "The entire work of the government is done by Modiji. If the ISRO launches a rocket, Modiji claims credit for it. He went to the US and hugged then US President Obama. He told External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to stay in India, while he went to the US," he said.

Addressing the crowd, Rahul said that he wanted people to get fair remuneration for their hardwork. Attacking Modi, he said the benefits of people's hardwork are being availed by 50 rich families. "Every youngster of UP wants a good and respectable job. I have told Akhilesh that every district of the state must have one high quality coaching centre, which would impart free coaching to the youth," he said.