Road in Kalasa village not repaired for 12 years

Road in Kalasa village not repaired for 12 years

Residents to block nine-km pothole-filled road on March 8

The Kalasa-Kalakodu road has not been repaired for the last 12 years. Travel on this nine-kilometre stretch road is a nightmare for the road users with potholes covering the entire stretch.

At least 3,000 villagers use the stretch on a daily basis. The residents of Aralikatte, Aramanemakki, Kalaseshwara Nagara, Makkimane, Chikkodige, Abbugudige, Basavanathota, Hosooru, Kolamage, Aanamage, Chippalamage, Kalakodu, Aache Kalakodu and Karle use the stretch for commuting. The road was last asphalted in 2004. With the region receiving 200 inches of rainfall annually, the surface of the road has been chipped off.

Although funds were released four months ago to fill the potholes, the authorities had filled the potholes with gravel. However, the patchwork has also been damaged. Due to a lack of stormwater drains, rainwater flows on to the road, thus damaging the road further, feel residents.

A private bus that was travelling on the stretch thrice a day stopped its service two years ago, forcing schoolchildren to walk for several kilometres to reach the school.

“The Panchayat Raj Department had filled the potholes twice in the last 12 years. As there are huge potholes on the stretch, it takes at least 45 minutes to traverse this 9-km stretch. To bring the issue of pathetic condition of the road to the notice of officials and elected representatives, we the residents will stage a road block on March 8,” said Dharmapalaiah of Kalakodu.

The stretch is the only road to connect the Kalakodu SC colony and the Karle ST colony. When asked on the pathetic condition of the road,the ZP engineer, said that a proposal has been submitted seeking additional funds for the development of the road.