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'Lights, camera, action

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'Lights, camera, action

Actor Ragini Dwivedi is excited as one of her most interesting projects, ‘Veera Ranachandi’, which was stalled, has hit the screens. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor who will be seen in a different avatar in this movie, talks about her role and the project.

What delayed the release of the movie?

The producer had some personal issues which slowed down the process. There was also a certification needed for an animal which was used in the movie. So it took longer than expected for the movie to release.

Now that the movie is here, how does it feel?

Awesome is the word. Every time there is a new release, it’s a good feeling. One’s hardwork is finally going to be presented to the public. This movie has been a really different experience for me. I have been injured three times during the shooting of this film and it took around nine months to shoot the film.

After the action-packed ‘Ragini IPS’, how different will this one be?

When I was working in ‘Ragini IPS’, no one knew that I was capable of doing action. But when I was doing this film, everyone knew that I could handle action. Once people know that you are capable of doing something, they will push you to do more. This is how the action sequences got crazier and riskier. The film has fight sequences and stunts on bikes. A fight had to be done on the top of a building, which involved glass-breaking. Another sequence that was shot in mud was also a tough one. The climax was shot over five days and all of these were very

What made you accept this role?

I have blind faith in Anand P Raju, the director. He has to his credit some great female-oriented movies. So the moment I heard the script, the deal was sealed.

How did you prepare yourself for these scenes?

It is very difficult to wear the harness all the time. I have extremely sensitive skin which gets bruised easily. There was a day when I had around 10 rope shots and the entire day I was in the harness, even during lunch. There were times when my arms were black and blue. It was a lot of fun but very exhausting.

What will make ‘Veera Ranachandi’ stand out in your career?

The movie will add on to the varied characters and different genres that I have worked on. ‘Veera Ranachandi’ is a definite addition to my action profile. I play Ragini and Nandini in the movie and the emotions I have portrayed will be interesting to watch. The movie also explains that women will fight for what they feel passionate and strongly about.

With women-oriented issues taking the spotlight, how will this movie make its mark?

I’m not a preacher but I am a feminist. I will not lecture the world with long lines. I am a fighter. I will get up, stand boldly and take action if someone irritates me. If someone eveteases me, I will file a complaint. It’s a good thing that these things are being reported nowadays but it is saddening to know that these incidents continue to happen. The movie will communicate the strong side of a woman to the society.

Can you narrate any interesting incident from the film?

I was driving a tractor in the movie and didn’t know how to apply the brakes. There was a scene where my character’s father is in the hospital and I had to drive the vehicle. However, I wasn’t able to apply the brakes. There were around 10 people trying to control the vehicle and it was crazy!