In pursuit of adventure

In pursuit of adventure

My perfect weekend

In pursuit of adventure

It has been a while since I  had some time off to enjoy a weekend. However, if I am not working on a weekend, I try to spend it with my friends.  

Saturday nights are dedicated to them and whatever we can’t do during the week, we  do it on the weekends. That is the time when I truly unwind.

We are a group of five and wealways make time for each other though we are  busy with our work. 

One of my friends is a photographer and we usually hang out in her studio. From there, we  head to the city for parties.

Gossiping, sharing secrets with each other and doing other fun things are an incredible part of our weekend activities.

We prefer house parties as these are much more relaxed than other parties. It is good to be in comfortable clothes than dress up and wear heels.  

We usually order food from our favourite restaurant ‘Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria’. They are known for having the best pizzas in Mumbai. I am a pescatarian and like my Margherita pizza. We also have the habit of ordering a variety of desserts.

One of my leisure activities during the weekends is to head to my farmhouse in Khandala. My two dogs live there and I love spending time with them.

The farmhouse is absolutely beautiful and is like a green haven. It’s amazing to just hang out there, read books, have good food, spend time with my friends and catch some sleep too!

My girls and I want to plan a holiday abroad as we have  never done it before.
Also, my friend and I are celebrating our birthdays in May, so we wanted to make it a special one this time. We are hoping that our dates will match and we can finally plan our trip to Spain.

I usually dedicate Sundays to my family. I moved out of my house a few years ago and weekends are the time when I go back home and be with my parents.

    My younger brother is studying in the UK to become a chef. Whenever he is in town, I make sure that I meet him as well.  We love doing the usual family stuff — being at home,  chatting, having good food, inviting our friends over or going out for dinner.

Though my schedule is hectic and I don’t always get time for myself, the one activity that I never miss is my workouts in the gym.  Even after a long day of shooting, I make sure that I head to the gym. It doesn’t matter even if it is a Sunday.

 I am also an adventure junkie. When we were shooting for ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, I had the chance to try ice climbing. It was very challenging but it was so much fun.

 I take great pride in being fit, so if there is any activity that requires me to show my physical strength, I am there.

Dancing is also a very big part of my life. I have a personal trainer who helps me learn some new moves.   I’m learning Bollywood dancing now, but I enjoy any form of dance which is energetic. I want to learn contemporary dance also. In short, dancing has become a passion for me.

We actors don’t really get the weekends off. So, a Wednesday could be a Saturday for me.  But if I am asked where my perfect weekend would be, I would say Goa.

I would be with my friends in a beautiful house having good food, listening to loud music and having lots of fun.

    And then we would come back to the city completely drained on a Sunday evening,  ready to kick off the weekend.

Having said that, with the kind of life and time that I have, I couldn’t ask for more.

A few of my favourite things

Adventure sports
Running in the garden
‘Cheese naan’ and
‘dal makhani’
My evil eye necklace