'Satya knows the pulse of the audience'

'Satya knows the pulse of the audience'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'Satya knows the pulse of the audience'

Actor Aditya Singh’s latest release, ‘Bengaluru Underworld’, has raked in good reviews. The actor says that he never signs a film unless the script and role really excite him and that his role in ‘Bengaluru Underworld’ has given him exactly what he was looking for.

He concedes that it is the script and the style of narration that got him to sign ‘Bengaluru Underworld’.

 “It is a very gripping and intense role. I also liked the way the script was narrated to me and the makers have portrayed the exact same thing on screen,” he says. Aditya thinks it’s always best to not be hypocritical. Rather, one should be honest and straightforward, give others space and treat them with respect just the way they would like to be treated themselves. While action challenges and excites the actor, he says that he feels good every time he gets to play a negative role.

Aditya thinks it’s too early to give away much details about his role in ‘Bengaluru Underworld’ and only says that there are two shades to his role.

“There were no extensive preparations required for the role. I am a spontaneous actor and don’t believe in preparing in advance,” he says. He also points out that the first half of the film does well to arouse one’s curiosity. “The answers to all the questions that people may have will be answered in the second half of the film. Somewhere, people will love the way the story has been narrated. Every actor has a definite purpose for being there,” he says. 

Commenting on the choice of title, Aditya says that it has nothing to do with the underworld. “The story does not deal with the hardcore underworld and isn’t inspired by anybody’s true story. It has deviated from the usual formula used for making underworld ‘masala’ films,” he says.

He adds that working with director Satya has been a wonderful experience. “Satya is very passionate about cinema and has worked on several films inspired by the underworld. He knows the pulse of the audience and always manages to bring variety in his work,” adds Aditya. 

He prefers working on scripts that have a strong content. “I don’t want to look at acting as just another job. I must be happy and inspired to go to the shooting sets everyday. I am an entertainer and I want to remain one,” he says.