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‘Qawwali’ song in ‘Shravana’

Gayathri and Vijay Raghavendra.The cast and crew of Vijay Raghavendra starrer Shravana is all set to picturise a qawwali song for the film.The excited hero, Vijay, tells Metrolife, in between shots, that the entire concept has been kept as a surprise for him. “I am actually shooting for another film. So I haven’t had the time to discuss the concept of the song completely. But I hear they are preparing a special set and I guess, it will be a fun song to shoot as we don’t have many qawwali songs in Kannada films,” he adds.

On his role in the film, he says, “It’s not a special role but a special story. My character is that of a jobless youngster who comes to realise the importance of hard work.”

The entire film, including the songs, has been shot in and around Tumkur. Director B S Rajshekhar says, “We have completed shoot for the film and recently, over a nine-day schedule, we have completed the dubbing. Currently, the film is in the re-recording stage and we have only one song remaining.”

The film is said to revolve around the lives of three youngsters, who aspire to make their dreams and hopes come true. The story is said to be an adaptation of a Tamil story by Seetavathi.The film also stars Bhuvan and Sandeep with Gayathri as the lead heroine.

Megha Shenoy

‘Appu Pappu’ takes a break

Snehit with the orang-utan.Appu Pappu, which has been in the news for having an orang-utan in its cast, has returned from a 35-day shoot in Cambodia. Now, producer Soundarya Jagadish has decided to give the crew a long break. Why?

Apparently Soundarya’s son Master Snehith, who is playing the lead role of Appu, has his exams going on. Confirming the news, director Ananthraju said, “Studies are equally important. So once Snehith finishes his exams, we will resume the shoot.”

“We have finished shoot with the Chimp and so far, all is well. The remaining part of the shoot will be done in and around the City itself,” he adds. The film will also see actor Abbas coming back to Sandalwood.      

A powerhouse of talent 

B JayashreeWith the immense talent that she possess, the world is her stage. The selection of actress-singer-theatreperson B Jayashree, who happens to be the granddaughter of theatre doyen Gubbi Veeranna, to star in an English film, Lucky, made by director Avie Luthra, is a reaffirmation of the same.

Jayashree is the only Indian from down South to be chosen for the movie. “There might also be another Indian woman from North. That hasn’t been confirmed yet,” Jayashree says.

She plays Padma in the movie who comes across different types of people from different nationalities but she’s moved by this one young man who resembles her son who was killed in a freak accident, “He’s black and at first, I dislike the boy and as time passes by I begin to like him and I am eager to get to know more about him. All these other people I meet on the way like the taxi driver, a vendor and another woman are all bridges to know the young boy,” Jayashree told Metrolife.

Talking about the movie Jayashree says, “It’s about the conflict between the brown and the black people. The why and the what of the conflict is the crux of the story.” Jayashree says she has essayed many roles so far but none like the one in Lucky. “The role calls for so much power and emotion that I wonder if I will ever be able to do justice to it. There’s so much that Padma has to convey,” she says.

Jayashree has had to tweak her English a little to suit the movie and she may have to pick up the basics of  Zulu, the African language, as well.

She also been asked to source out her old saris and stock them up as costume for the movie.

 “I have been asked to look for specific colours such as Turkish blue, sea green, leaf green bright blue... each colour is said to depict a particular emotion,” explains Jayashree.

Jayashree has gone to Johannesburg for a two-month shooting.

Nina C George 

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