Flaunting the urban essence

Haute style: Stay cool in stylish silhouettes

Flaunting the urban essence
The brand’s latest collection aims to be urban and city-inspired yet informal.  The colour palette has striking summer shades and easy functional elements that have been captured in stylish silhouettes.
Mridumesh Rai, brand head, Park Avenue, says, “Today’s consumers are influenced by the digital age and networking. The season’s essence is for the young managers of today — people exploring new workplaces and professions and other special occasions.”

Summer colours and interesting motifs dominate the latest collection. The colours for the season include pop-up colours like bright orange, green and sea blue in linen. Pastel shades have been played around with and white too is incorporated. The key theme of this collection is the urban cityscape. “We portray this through the fit and the bright colours that we have showcased. A lot of new elements have been included into this collection including usage of weaveable fabric. We have tried to mix work with fun in our outfits,” Mridumesh says.

“Men aren’t as open to experimenting as women are. They always stress on the comfort factor yet focus on staying in style. Keeping this is in mind, we have introduced a ‘neofit’, which is trendy and is a rage on the runways,” he elaborates. About women’s wear, he says that the different options in formals and casuals take care of all the fashion needs of a chic woman of today. “Women are multitaskers and they would like to be ready for any situation. If they are in trendy trousers and a blouse during the day, they would like the ensemble to be something that can be pulled of at an evening gathering too,” adds Mridumesh. The latest collection is broadly categorised into work wear, leisure and after hours wear and caters to both men and women.   
Dolly, a student of CMS Jain University, teamed a viscose designer top and a cotton lycra low rise denim  pant for a casual look.
Punchline: “The bright coloured top is trendy and makes for a fun option that can be teamed with a skirt or denims.”
Price: Top (Rs 1,899) and denim pant (Rs 2,499). 
Shoaib Khan, a final year student of Dayananda Sagar College, wore a pure cotton casual shirt and cotton casual trousers.
Punchline: “The shirt is  perfect for any occasion. The light fabric and the interesting prints make it a good choice with trousers or denim.” 
Price: Shirt (Rs 2,399) and trousers (Rs 1,999). 
Nikitha, a student of St Joseph’s College, teamed a rich cotton short with cotton trousers for a formal look.
Punchline: “The pleasant colour of the shirt is suited for any formal meeting or even a casual day. The clothes are comfortable and the fit is flattering.”
Price: Shirt (Rs 1,799) and trouser (Rs 1,999). 
Roshan Khan, a student of Presidency College, sported a suit with a cotton wrinkle-free shirt, a silk tie and a tiepin cufflink set.
Punchline: “The fit of the suit is good. The wrinkle-free shirt also makes it a viable option.”
Price: Suit (Rs 9,999), shirt (Rs 3,099), silk tie (Rs 1,499) and tie pin cufflink set
(Rs 1,200).   
Priyanka, a student of Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, slipped into a bright polyster single piece party dress.
Punchline: “The dress is just right for the season as it fits well. It is good for a casual day out as well as for an elegant evening. ”
Price: Dress (Rs 2,799)
Syed Sakhib Ahmed, from Presidency College, wore a cotton T-shirt, denim pants, suspenders and a silk bow.
Punchline: “I love the snug fit of the denim. The suspenders add a zing to the look.”
Price: T-shirt (Rs 1,799), denim pant (Rs 2,699), silk bow (Rs 899) and
suspenders (Rs 1,350).  

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