Casual clothes strict no for police personnel while on duty

Casual clothes strict no for police personnel while on duty

Casual clothes strict no for police personnel while on duty

 Karnataka’s top cop has issued a circular directing all police officials to be in uniform while on duty. The next time police personnel are spotted in civil clothes while on duty, they will be reprimanded by their superiors.

A circular which was sent by the office of the Director General and Inspector General of Police (DG&IGP) on March 4 stated that police officers are often seen in casual clothes while on police duty, which is not a good sign.

The circular said in the news reports aired by various television channels, “it was noted that senior police as well as the junior police officers are seen attending to the police duties like visiting the crime spot, attending press conferences and other duties in casual dress. The casual approach towards the dress code while performing duties by the police officer of any rank is viewed seriously and cannot be continued. Such improper dressing while on duty speaks of the casual attitude of the police officer and affects the image of the police department. The senior police officers should follow the dress code and ensure that their subordinates too follow the rule without producing any reason (sic).’’

Director General and Inspector General of Police Rupak Kumar Dutta told DH the police department is a highly disciplined force and it is expected that officers are in their uniform while they are on duty.

“At times, when situation demands, they are permitted to wear appropriate civil dress. It is the duty of the senior police officers to make sure that their subordinates are in uniform. Any one found flouting rules will be warned and if they continue to do so, then strict action will be taken against them,” he said.

Another senior police officer, who did not want to be named, backed the top cop saying, “We do not want them to go in civil clothes to take stock of law and order situations where other officers or the public would fail to recognise them. This may also lead to certain confusion and problems.  When officers are carrying out investigations and if it requires for them to be in civil dress, then it is allowed, but the superior officers should be kept aware about the reason to wear the civil clothes,” he said.

“We will take strict action against anyone seen wearing sports dress or jeans and t-shirts and even sports shoes. This decision was taken by the chief of the state police after noting that most officers were found in casual clothes. The police personnel across the state should ensure that they are in uniform while on duty,” added the officer.