Lights on reality

Lights on reality

Lights on reality

To mark Women’s Day celebrations, the School of Legal Studies recently observed ‘Women Empowerment Week’. 

The cultural committee of the school organised a street play in Cubbon Park on the last day of the celebration.

The play was performed by B.B.A.LLB and B.A.LLB students from the School of the Legal Studies and it was based on the theme ‘Women Empowerment — Stop Violence Against Women’.

The aim of the street play was to awaken the spirit of women and to make them realise their importance in the society so that they can live an independent life. The motive was also to create a society free of evil elements.

The play was based on violence and problems faced by women in their daily life. The theme focussed on issues like ragging, humiliation and harassment faced by women in public places like college, bus stops and public transportation. Child marriage was another theme showcased in the play.

It also highlighted the problem of educational disparities faced by girls in the domestic realm. The last part of the play concentrated on gender discrimination and sexual harassment which they face in the workplace.

The play concluded by creating an awareness on breaking stereotypes that are built by the society and making a better society for women empowerment.