Vrooming on the Bullet

Vrooming on the Bullet

Vrooming on the Bullet

The sight of women zooming around on their Bullets can put  any man to shame. In recent times, the Bullets have caught the fancy of many women, both young and old.

It was to give more women, a chance to learn, ride and experience the thrill of a Bullet that Bengaluru-based software professional Bindu E Reddy started, ‘Hop On Gurls’, a women’s Bullet Club a while ago.  

Bindu says that the first thing she did was to help women overcome the fear of riding the Bullet and give them an opportunity to learn. “We have taught at least 200 women to ride the bullet so far and all of them are a part of our club. We have a minimum of eight new women joining us every month,” adds Bindu.

She informs that the rides give the members an opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and discover new cultures.

Pratima Hebbar, one of the earliest members of the Club, says it is the passion of the members of the club that got her hooked to it. “Though we are diverse when it comes to our ethnicity and profession, the passion for the Bullet keeps us together,” says Pratima. 

She feels the best part about the members is their ‘no nonsense, just ride’ attitude.
“We enjoy being us and there is no room for any sort of nonsense. We are always open to discussions and talk about everything under the sun without hurting anybody,” she says.

“All the rides have been interesting — be it walking after midnight on a forest stretch with only a phone flashlight in hand, jumping into water with leeches, off-roading at 60 to 70 degree incline or just sitting and looking at the stars,” she adds. 

 It is the childhood fascination for bikes that drove Kamala Ramesh to join the club. She was always told by her friends that she rode a Kinetic like a Bullet. “I was always fond of Bullets and when I bought one, I wasted no time in joining this club. I learnt how to ride the Bullet from here and now this has become an addiction of sorts,” says Kamala.

“Moving around with a bunch of like-minded women has been an enriching experience,” she adds.
A few women in the group like Pooja D M, a software developer, with a private firm, has been riding a Bullet since her college days. “The best thing about this group is that the members look out for each other and never leave anybody behind. It’s the teamwork that comes before individual contribution,” says Pooja.

She regularly joins the group for short weekend trips as well as long rides and never misses the breakfast rides. The members of the club hail from different professions but what binds them together is their dedication, commitment and discipline in keeping the spirit of the club alive says Bhavya Srinivasan, an ardent Bullet rider and one of the oldest members of the group.

“Every member of the group effortlessly slips into the ethos, discipline and culture of the club. Every new learner is supported and encouraged by an established rider until they become perfect,” says Bhavya.

Talking about the preparations involved for different rides, Bhavya, says, “The longer rides require the members to plan their exercise routine and diet to  build stamina. The short rides don’t quire as much effort,” adds Bhavya.  

(The club can be contacted on 9611292797)

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