All RTOs to allow automatic transmission cars for DL test

All RTOs to allow automatic transmission cars for DL test

All RTOs to allow automatic transmission cars for DL test

A day after the DH reported that some Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) do not allow automatic transmission for driving licence (DL) test, senior Transport Department officials directed the RTOs not to turn away people coming for the test with automatic cars.

Vehicles with manual transmission require the operation of clutch every time a driver shifts the gear. In automatic cars, the driver still has to operate the gear lever, but without the hassle involving the clutch.

Joint Commissioner for Transport K Gnanendra said there is no mention of the automatic transmission vehicles in the existing rules. “However, the law has not made it mandatory to bring manual transmission cars for the test,” he said.

He said the senior officials in RTO know that automatic vehicles are increasingly becoming popular and would allow them for the test from now on. “This issue has not come to our notice till now. Since automatic cars require all other driving skills, except the clutch operation, we are going to direct all RTO offices to allow them for the test,” he added.

On Tuesday, a woman who went with an automatic car for a DL test, tweeted that she was refused a test by a divisional RTO office. The inspector had told her to bring a manual transmission car.

There is very less information on the issue of automatic cars. While some RTOs allow them for DL test, others tell DL aspirants to come with a manual transmission car. Many who wanted to clarify on the issue in online forums have got answers both positive and negative, adding to the confusion.

Officials in divisional RTOs believe manual transmission cars are best to test driving skills. “From the point of view of road safety, we want test to happen in manual transmission cars. If an individual gets a DL with automatic cars and then drives manual, he will pose a risk to road users,” an official said.
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