'I am now known as a chocolate villain'

'I am now known as a chocolate villain'

'I am now known as a chocolate villain'

Sandalwood actor Vasishta N Simha made his mark a while ago especially with his distinct voice. This young artiste is now caught up with varied projects and is happy that he has no time to spare. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, Vasishta talks about his latest projects.

What are the projects you are working in now?
‘Ira’, ‘Duniya 2’ and ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’ have been completed and the shoot for ‘Tagaru’ and ‘Mufti’ is on.

Can you elaborate on these projects?
In ‘Dayavittu Gamanisi’, there are four different stories and the lead characters of these stories meet in the end. I am one of these characters. In ‘Mufti’, I play a varied character and in ‘Tagaru’, I play the villain.

Your chemistry with other actors on the set...
While working in ‘Mufti’, I got to meet great actors like SriiMurali and Shivarajkumar who have excelled in their careers in their own ways. I have been friends with Dhananjaya for six years and it was great to work with him on the sets of ‘Tagaru’.

Do you love playing negative roles?
People remember you for the bad things you do. I have noticed that when I play a negative role in the movie, people abuse me and talk about me, even when I am not on screen (laughs). People always want the hero to win.

But you are the villain everyone loves...
That’s true... I have been lucky that way. I am now known as a ‘chocolate villain’ or a ‘cute villain’. I don’t even know what that means though! (laughs)

Your voice got you a lot of attention...
There were people calling from different districts just wanting to hear my voice. Recently, there have been fans requesting for my voice and video recordings too!

How was the experience singing for ‘Kirik Party’?
I was delighted that Rakshit and Rishab approached me. I have always loved singing and believed that I could do justice to the track. When I heard the composition, I told myself that I wouldn’t mess up. And I am glad that it turned out well.

The challenges you face on the sets...
When I’m shooting for different projects at the same time, it can be a bit difficult. Switching between roles is a challenge. Also, maintaining the continuity of scenes can be quite a task.

With your hands full, how do you relax?
I am just going with the flow. I haven’t been home for a while and I will have to make amends for that.