A plateful of flavours

A plateful of flavours

A plateful of flavours

Biryani is one of the much-loved dishes of a foodie. And if it comes  with the perfect taste and aroma, it sure turns out to be an instant hit.

‘Ruchi’s Biryani’, located in HSR Layout, comes as a blessing for ‘biryani’ lovers. The ambience is warm and well furnished with comfortable seating, which can easily accommodate about 50 to 60 people at a time. The staff is  friendly and has a good knowledge about each dish on the menu. If you find it difficult to decide on what to order, they  are ready to offer their recommendations.

The menu is a lavish affair and has a variety of dishes to choose from. Apart from ‘biryanis’, they also offer seafood, Chinese, ‘tandoori’ and North Indian items.
If you are looking for an elaborate meal, you can start by ordering a plate of mushroom pepper fry and garlic chicken.

The strong flavour of crushed pepper and its spiciness will refresh your senses. The mushroom is well-cooked and pretty succulent. The garlic chicken is also a good option for starters. However, if you are not in favour of spicy bites, be careful as it has a good amount of chilli added to it.

While you are relishing the starters, ask for a glass of buttermilk or fresh ‘mosambi’ juice. Since the place is known for its ‘biryanis’, it is always better to go for one.
You can ask for a bowl of ‘chicken tikka biryani’ or even try their ‘chicken dum biryani’ — it is one of their much-appreciated dishes.

The first thing that one will notice when the food is presented on the table is the generous quantity. A bowl of biryani is more than enough for two people. The rice has the perfect aroma of the spices and is pretty heavy. However, you can’t help but go for a second bite. The ‘chicken tikka’ in it can be a bit more on the salty side than sweet. If you are not a ‘biryani’ lover, you can ask for ‘garlic naan’ and savour it with either ‘paneer tikka masala’ or the classic ‘chicken curry’. You can also try the dishes from their seafood section.

Though the food is extremely delectable, the only thing that can make one think about visiting this place the second time is the stench that lingers  indoors. ‘Ruchi’s Biryani’ is located at #1502, 19th Main, Sector 1, HSR Layout.
For details, call 49565647.