The spice trek

The spice trek

The spice trek

After many years, South Bengaluru is lucky to have a restaurant that offers authentic Chettinad cuisine. It’s hard to miss it as it is located in Jayanagar 1st Block, next to ICICI Bank.

With big hoardings and decorations, ‘Chettinad Kitchen’ extends one a warm welcome. From the waitstaff clad in ‘dhoti’, the wooden carvings on the walls and the intricate paintings to the palm leaf decorations, the restaurant  transports one to the Chettinad region.

Executive chef Raghunath, who hails from the region, has carefully curated the menu with dishes that have been forgotten. One will also notice that there is no MSG or preservatives added to produce the flavours. The cuisine  teases your palate with carefully balanced spices and masalas. One can start their meal with the ‘Vazhathandu rasam’ and ‘Attukal soup’. Both of these have a hint of spice that lingers in your mouth and makes for a refreshing start.

As dishes of yore are their speciality, one should try  appetisers like ‘Kaikari kozhla urundai’, ‘Kalan maagu varuval’ and ‘Mutton kava paniyaram’. They melt in your mouth and will definitely leave you asking for more.

But if you want to stick to a classic appetiser, the ‘Chettinad chilli chicken’ and ‘Vanyara meen varuval’ are recommended. Keeping it authentic and delicious are those specialities like the ‘Mutton biryani’, ‘Chicken kothu parata’, ‘appam’ and ‘Kozhi milagu chops’.

As you try one meat preparation after another, you will realise that they are fresh and  cooked to perfection. Even though these are known for their spice quotient, the dishes do not make you sip water every now and then.

The seafood preparations are lip-smacking as well. If you are a crab fan, the ‘Nandu pepper roast’ is a great option to try. The restaurant also offers vegetarian ‘thali’.

The perfect way to end the meal is with the unusual  desserts. The ‘Jiljil jigarthanda’ is cold, has crunchy elements and the creaminess of the strawberry ice cream is just perfect this summer.

But if you want to have something exotic, the ‘Athipal halwa’ is recommended. The fig in the dessert gives it that crunchy touch. However, it  t does not have the sticky feel of  a fruit.

‘Chettinad Kitchen’ is located at 78 and 79, Pattalamma Temple Road, Jayanagar 1st Block.