Trio kills friend for three mobile phones

Trio kills friend for three mobile phones

Three men are accused of murdering their friend to pocket three mobile phones he had stolen from someone else.

Abhishek (22), a construction worker from Kumbalgodu, Madhu Kumar (19) and Manoj (19), both hotel workers from Bidadi, are suspected to have killed their friend Srinivas (18), a labourer from Kadugodi, and stolen three mobile phones worth Rs 52,000 from him.

The suspects were fond of expensive mobile phones. When they learnt that Srinivas had stolen the phones, they decided to double-cross him. They told him they knew a friend who was interested in buying the stolen phones at a reasonable price.

Srinivas fell for the trick. On the night of March 3, the suspects and the victim boarded a train at the Bengaluru City railway station and got down at Kengeri.

They went to a railway bridge located between Hejjala and Kengeri and sat beneath it, smoking ganja. As Srinivas became intoxicated, the suspects pounced on him and bludgeoned him to death. They then stole the phones, dumped his body near the railway track and ran away.

The railway police found some phone numbers on a piece of paper in the pocket of Srinivas’s shirt. They called the numbers and established his identity. Later, they arrested the three men on the basis of suspicion raised by Srinivas’s family, police said.
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