'My workouts keep me fit'

'My workouts keep me fit'

'My workouts keep me fit'
Most hobbies trace  their roots to one’s childhood. What one enjoys and cherishes as a child is what takes form and expression as the years pass. This best describes Lithuanian stunt rider Aras Gibieza’s undying passion for automobiles. His narration of the many life-threatening stunts that he has done leaves you wondering at his skill and dexterity. In the city to perform for the Suzuki ‘Gixxer Day’, Aras takes time off to chat with Nina C George about stunt riding.

When did you become a professional stunt rider?
I started racing in 2009 and took to professional stunt riding in 2011.  

How did you develop an interest in it?
Just like any other boy, I was also fascinated with cars and bikes from my childhood. My grandfather bought me my first bike when I was ten years old and thus began my journey.

Isn’t stunt riding a risky affair?
Yes, it is. But if you wear the appropriate safety gear and train hard then there’s nothing more exciting than stunt riding.

What is your opinion about stunt riding in India?
I feel that stunt riding has not been officially accepted in India. But it is slowly and steadily catching up among young Indians.

Are there women stunt riders in your country?
There are three women stunt riders in Europe and one in France. They each have a unique style.  

Have you ever experienced fear while doing stunts?
My regular workouts keep me fit and mentally alert. I am always in control whenever I am doing a stunt. However, If I am feeling uneasy then I make it a point to rest for sometime and then move on.

What keeps you hooked to stunt riding?
The loud applause from the onlookers whenever I am performing and the appreciation thereafter.

Is your family supportive of your profession?
My family is very proud of me.

What’s your advice to aspiring stunt riders?
I would say that one must wear all the necessary safety gear whenever one performs. Also, stunts must never be performed in public places. Closed spaces are the apt places for these kinds of activities.

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