Aussies trigger a new controversy

Aussies trigger a new controversy
The controversy over Virat Kohli’s shoulder injury took a new twist on Monday with the Indian physio Patrick Farhart’s name unnecessarily being dragged into the issue. Farhart, who is an Australian of Lebanese origin and has worked for their cricket team in the past, had done a great job of getting the injured Kohli back on field after the scans on Indian skipper’s right shoulder showed no major concerns. Kohli had hurt himself while making a diving save and landing hard on his shoulder. However, when Kohli came out to bat on the third day, Glenn Maxwell mocked his injury clutching his left shoulder after making a similar dive. And when Kohli got out after Steve Smith took a catch at slip, the host broadcaster erroneously pointed out that the Australian skipper took a jibe at his Indian counterpart, feeling his left shoulder. Pictures later revealed it was Peter Handscomb’s hand.  
“I was a bit disappointed,” said Smith of the broadcaster’s act before picking on Kohli. "Virat was actually having a go at me out in the middle, saying how I was disrespecting Patrick Farhart where I was the exact opposite, if I was to do anything. "I think (Farhart) did a pretty terrific job to be able to get Virat back out on the field after that shoulder injury. I think he’s a terrific physio and he does a great job for them." Kohli wasn’t too amused when an Australian scribe sought his reaction to Smith’s claims.

“It’s funny,” Kohli said, flashing a tired smile. “All our guys ask about cricket and the first thing you ask is controversial. But it is ok. These things happen on the field. Four-five of them took Patrick’s name, I don’t know why. He is our physio and his job is to treat me. I did not find the reason behind it (taking Farhart’s name), I could not understand. You must ask him (Smith) why they started taking his name.”

Despite all these unwanted sideshows, Smith insisted that the Test had been played in the right spirit. “There’s always a little bit of tension when Australia and India are playing in Test matches,” he noted. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s being played in the right spirit on the field, it’s been a tough hard grind. That’s how I’d explain it, no issue with that.” With everything to play for in the final Test in Dharamsala, both teams will go hard at each other and hence one can expect more flash points. Hopefully, things won’t spiral out of control.

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