Adventure beckons

Adventure beckons

Club culture

Adventure beckons

Biking is fun, irrespective of the make of the vehicle you are astride. This underlines the raison d’etre of the group, ‘Bikers of India’, which doesn’t mandate that its members should own a particular model of bike to be on its rolls.

From people who own the latest vehicles to those who still cherish and ride vintage and classic models, the club has a wide membership. The group works towards promoting a feeling of ‘bikerhood’ among its members.   

Started by Vishal Agarwal in 2010, the club has come a long way. In addition to the short and long rides, the group also puts together special monthly meets for particular bikes like KTM, Bullet and scooters. The monthly meets take place on the first Sunday of every month.

Vishal says that it wasn’t easy when he started the group but it soon caught on among people of all age groups. The group also organises two weekend rides every month. “It is the openness among the members that has got so many people to join the group,” says Vishal. Discipline, dedication and commitment are important attributes that keep the group together. “We don’t have to reiterate these three things to the members. They naturally come to them once they have joined the group,” he adds.

It is the thrill and experience of discovering new routes that got Vivek Dharmaraj, a businessman, to join the group. “We discover new routes every time we venture out. It doesn’t matter which bike you own, you are welcome to be a part of the group,” says Vivek. “Whenever we go on long rides, we take a mechanic with us. This ensures that we have trouble-free rides,” he adds.

The sudden and unplanned rides organised by the group is what excites A S Kannappa Narrain, another member. “You are never alone when you want to go on a ride. There’s always a group that’s ready to ride with you. The short trips have always been quite eventful,” says Kannappa. Abhishek E P, who owns a fleet of vintage vehicles, is also a part of the club. “Being a part of this club gives me the opportunity to ride and drive the vehicles in my collection. I make sure I never miss the rides,” he says.

Chidananda Gurpur, another automobile enthusiast and a member of the club, says, “It is the camaraderie among the members that I enjoy the most. The breakfast rides and long trips with the group always leave me feeling refreshed.” 

Rajan Raj, another member, couldn’t agree more when he says, “It’s like being in a family. All of us share this interest in automobiles and the experiences that we exchange with each other are both enlightening and enriching.” 

The oldest member of the group is 84-year-old Chakravarthy R. “For me, age is only a number. Regular exercise keeps me fit enough to go with the group on all their rides. Riding also helps me stay physically and mentally fit,” he says.

(The club can be reached on 9901655571)   

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