'I work because I like what I do'

'I work because I like what I do'

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'I work because I like what I do'

A reference to the sprightly young girl, who plays actor Sridevi’s niece in ‘English Vinglish’, instantly brings a smile to one’s face. Actor Priya Anand exuded positivity to the movie and her portrayal is a memorable one.

She is particular that she works on only those projects that offer her something more than just looking pretty. Priya is making her debut in the Kannada film industry opposite Puneeth Rajkumar in ‘Rajkumaara’. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about her films and more.

Your thoughts on the Kannada film industry...

We have reached a point where Kannada films are being remade into other languages and I am happy to be a part of this transition.

What’s your role in ‘Rajkumaara’?

I play the role of a salsa dancer. I am expected to teach Puneeth’s character how to dance. I jokingly told the director that nobody will believe that I had to teach Puneeth how to dance because he is such a good dancer. I play a small but significant role in the film.  

On acting with Puneeth...

I usually cringe when I see people worshipping heroes but in the case of Puneeth,
I think the hero worship is totally justified because he truly deserves the kind
of appreciation that he has been getting. 

Are you choosy about your projects?

I like being choosy about work. I have been fortunate that I don’t have to work to support my family. I work because I like what I do. I am particular that the characters I play must have some substance in them.

How do you handle criticism?

In India, there is really no room for constructive criticism. Neighbours and relatives are quick to find flaws and not give credit when it is due. Everybody here seems to have a mob mentality.

What is the most difficult aspect of being in the film industry? 

There are some people who think that I should be working on a particular genre and explaining to them why I don’t subscribe to their views can be tough.   

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