Notes from Mizoram

Notes from Mizoram

Candid chat

Notes from Mizoram

Singer-songwriter Vinayak Singh aka Loysum from Aizawl took to music as a teenager. There has been no looking back since then.

This young artiste who performs indie music, won the reality show ‘Sur Sagar’ recently. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about his journey so far.

What brought you to the world of music?

During our school days, we would see our seniors perform devotional songs during the morning assembly sessions. It was then that I developed an interest in music, especially western music. I was inspired by ‘Deep Purple’, ‘Westside’, ‘Backstreet Boys’ etc.

When did you become a singer-songwriter?

When I was doing my engineering, I fell in love with a girl. I proposed to her 37 times and she accepted it. We were in a relationship for a couple of years after which we broke up. I needed an outlet to vent out and I turned to writing songs. Most of the songs that I composed then are the ones I sang on the show like ‘Tere Bina’.

Tell us a bit about the ‘Sur Sagar’ experience...

When ‘Sur Sagar’ happened, I was not sure if I should be excited. But I got on the show.  We shot on weekends and holidays since I have a day job. And before I could realise, I won the show.

Do musical reality shows help a musician?

It depends on what one is looking for. Some go for the money and some for fame. I loved being on the show because it was a chance to interact with different musicians including Lesle Lewis, who inspired me to make music videos.

What is music to you?

I will not make grand sweeping statements like ‘music is my life’. To me, music is all about the feel. If you feel your music, you will be true
to it and that’s when you will grow.

Tell us about your compositions.

My songs include ‘Kaapi’, which is about Bengalureans’ love for coffee. It is a mix of Hindi and Kannada lyrics. I also loved composing ‘Tujbin’, ‘No More Uff’ and ‘Panchhiyan’.

My songs have been about breakups, issues in the society and more. I like writing abstract songs too.

Some of the musicians who have inspired you...

John Meyer has deeply inspired me. I also look up to Steven Wilson, Mutemath, ‘ACDC’, ‘Guns N’ Roses’ and RD Burman.

If not a musician, who would you have been?

A chef! I cook a lot. I love baking cakes and preparing  lasagna.

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