Legislation soon to prevent 'misuse' of social media

Legislation soon to prevent 'misuse' of social media

Home Minister G Parameshwara on Thursday said the government is contemplating enacting legislation to prevent misuse of social media and punish those indulging in such activities.

Misuse of social media is a major problem. The government is working towards enacting legislation to prevent misuse of social media. The police need to have access to information to keep track of anti-social elements. For instance, nobody can currently access encrypted messages on WhatsApp. So there are chances of it being misused, he said in his reply to BJP’s Tara Anuradha in the Legislative Council.

Earlier, Tara complained that mischief makers are widely using social media platforms to defame others.

Parameshwara said a Social Media Monitoring and Technical Cell has been set up in all major cities in the state. It will be opened at all district headquarters in the coming days. Besides, the police personnel are being trained in handling such cases, he added.

‘Don’t curtail media’

Former minister R Ashoka on Thursday denounced efforts to restrict the role of the media, especially the news channels.

Speaking on the sidelines of a function here, the BJP leader said he did not attend the Assembly session on Wednesday, but from whatever he could gather from the media, he said an effort was made to curtail its liberty.

“Media is perceived as the fourth pillar of democracy and hence, such restrictions are not a healthy sign,” the BJP leader said.