Unfazed by rumours


Unfazed by rumours

Madhuri Bhattacharya DH photo by Manjunath M S

She studied law and hoped to blend elements of performance like arguing, rhetoric and polemics in her career.

But soon, the performer in Madhuri Bhattacharya took the centre stage and she became a model.

From here, it was a matter of time before Madhuri got hooked on to the big screen.
Now Madhuri is unstoppable as an actress. This Bangalore lass has not only grabbed big opportunities in Sandalwood but is now set on a Bollywood trip.

Her debut in Khushi was followed by Bisi Bisi and she will be now playing a seductress in Prem Ka Game. “I play the hot chick living next door who tries to lure the neighbour’s husband. It’s funny and cool," she told Metrolife.

Prem Ka Game has been inspired by Hollywood blockbuster, Seven Year Itch. Madhuri thinks her role is more relevant than ever before.

“I can’t be judgmental on issues such as marriage and love. I respect the institution of marriage and think that people should not tamper with marriage and one’s emotions,” feels Madhuri.

She was last seen in Kuchh Love Kuchh Masti, an Indian version of the popular American series, Sex and the City.

“I played a dumb blonde who thinks it’s cool to two time. She doesn’t care for advices and ignores people who try to mend her ways,” reasons Madhuri.

Madhuri has also featured in Sonu Nigam’s Kannada solo album Neene Bari Neene. “I can read, write and speak  Kannada fluently. Language is not a problem. I am just waiting for the right script in Kannada,” she says.

Madhuri was paired off with her co-star Arbaaz Khan, did that bother her?

 “Oh... Arbaaz and I had a good laugh when we heard rumours about us. We know the truth and don’t have to prove anything to anyone,” she sums up.

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