Govt to soon decide on min fare for cab operators

Govt to soon decide on min fare for cab operators

The state government will soon decide on fixing a minimum fare per km for app-based cab aggregators in a bid to protect the interests of drivers.

In his reply to a query by Mane Srinivas (Congress) tabled in the Legislative Council, Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy said a committee constituted to fix minimum fare for app-based cab aggregators has submitted its report. The committee has recommended a fare of Rs 10 per km and Rs 12 per km for small cars and sedans respectively.

“We are studying the report and will take a decision soon,” Reddy stated. While the Transport department has fixed maximum fare per km that cab aggregators can charge (Rs 19.5 per km for AC vehicles and Rs 14.5 per km for non-AC vehicles), there is no word on minimum fare.

The minister said fixing a minimum fare will help drivers because of the cut-throat competition among cab aggregators. Drivers have been seeking a raise in earnings. They have blamed cab aggregators of cutting into their earnings by making discount offers to commuters.

To another question by Jayamala (Congress), Reddy stated that cases will be registered against owners of vehicles which are found sporting bumper stickers with rude, vulgar or sexist remarks against women. He said that cases will be booked and fines imposed under Section 177 of the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.