Development for all, appeasement of none, says UP CM

Development for all, appeasement of none, says UP CM

Development for all, appeasement of none, says UP CM
Asserting that there will be no appeasement of anyone, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Aditya Nath Yogi today promised development for all without any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or gender.

Aditya Nath, whose ascent to power is seen with suspicion by some sections, also told the BJP cadres and supporters not to be "over zealous" in celebrating the party's historic poll victory and not to take the law into their hands as it could provide "anarchist" forces a chance to disturb law and order.

He also stated that police has been instructed not to harass innocent couples, a direction that comes amid complaints that the 'anti-romeo' squads, meant to target eve- teasers, were troubling even the boys seen with their female friends.

He announced that those undertaking the annual Kailash Mansarovar Yatra will be given Rs 1 lakh by the state government and a Kailash Bhavan will be constructed for them.

On his first visit to his hometown Gorakhpur after becoming the Chief Minister, Aditya Nath said he intends to usher in development and progress of all sections of the state as envisaged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah.

Addressing an event to felicitate him, he repeated the mantra of 'sabka saath, sabka vikas'.

"There would be no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or gender. There will be development of all. But there will not be any appeasement of any section," he said.

He said Uttar Pradesh had been deprived of the benefits of developement during the previous regimes and promised that his government would bring in the fruits of progress to the last man.

Aditya Nath, who took over as the Chief Minister last Sunday, talked about his priorities like safety of women, opportunities for youth, support for farmers and labour.

He said that there would be no place for 'goonda raj' and corruption under his rule.
The Chief Minister said after he took over, he got calls from many girls who complained that they cannot go to schools or colleges because of eve-teasers, and several had to even give up studies because of this.

Anti-Romeo squads have been constituted for the purpose of safety of girls and women, he said, and added that police officials have been directed that these squads should not harass goys who are with females due to "consent".

This comes against the backdrop of complaints that these squads were targeting even the innocent boys.

Referring to the crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses, Aditya Nath said his government would fulfill the promises made in the BJP's manifesto before the elections.

With regard to the welfare of the farming community, he said a team of two ministers and some officials has gone to Chattisgarh to study their system which is "very efficient".

He also listed some developmental steps, like a direction to the authorities to make all the roads in the state "pot hole free" by June 15. About the bhavan for Kailash Mansarovar yatra, he said it could be constructed in Noida or Ghaziabad.

As of now, the state government would give Rs 50,000 to each of those undertaking Kailash Mansarovar yatra. Regarding the closure of illegal abbattoirs, Aditya Nath said the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had in the past couple of years insisted on their closure. "The government would not touch those (abbattoirs) which are operating as per the provisions of law and have a valid licence. But, those which are violating the orders of the NGT and playing with the health of the public, would not be spared, and the illegal abattoirs would be closed down," the Chief Minister said.

"We have to do a lot in UP. BJP will show how a government should work. It will be corruption-free government and goonda raj will end," the Chief Minister asserted in Gorakhpur, his Lok Sabha constituency, where he got a huge reception. He said the Chief Minister's post is not just a post for him "but it is a responsibility towards 22 crore people of the state." Aditya Nath thanked the people of UP for reposing faith in the BJP, and catapulting the party to power with an overwhelming majority after a gap of 15 years. "I thank the 22 crore people of UP who, on the call of the world's most popular leader PM Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, elected the party with three-fourths majority," he said.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi was worried about the state of affairs in UP, and wanted to bring it back on the path of progress. Eastern UP has got its own problems, but, the Prime Minister has initiated its development by laying the foundation of a fertilizer factory and AIIMS Hospital in Gorakhpur. We are confident that the population of this region would not feel left out."

Sounding a caution for the excited party workers, he said, "The BJP's electoral win in Uttar Pradesh has undoubtedly been an unprecedented one. But, care should be taken to ensure that no party worker takes law in his own hand. 'Josh mein hosh naa khoye' (don't lose sense in excitement). "Your over-excitement may give an opportunity to the anti-social elements to take advantage and they may again vitiate the atmosphere." He also reiterated that the BJP government would establish the rule of law in the state.

"Schemes are being made for every section of the society -- youngsters, women, farmers and labourers. We will work for development, and implement the Lok Kalyan Sanhalp Patra in letter and spirit," Aditya Nath said. "Hundred per cent purchase of wheat would be done, and support price would be transferred directly to the account of the farmer," the UP Chief Minister said. "We want to introduce a system in the state, where women could move on the streets even at 11.00 PM without any fear. Only then, they would feel secure," he said.

The Chief Minister said his government is committed to establishing a direct communication with the people to forge a strong bond and make Uttar Pradesh the "top most state". "We would work to ensure that there is no exodus of youngsters from UP, traders and businessmen do not shift their base to other states, and a sense of safety and security prevails throughout the state where there is no room for the anti-social elements," he said.

"The current situation of Uttar Pradesh is quite similar to the image which Gorakhpur had in the past. People used to get frightened at the mere mention of the name Gorakhpur (because of anti-social elements). However, we broke the hegemony of these lumpen elements through various struggles, and eventually transformed Gorakhpur," said Aditya Nath, who heads an influential Gorakh Dham Mutt here.

"A corruption-free government, an administration, which is sensitive to the public. Gorakhpur has been a laboratory for this. We have been able to control the anti-social elements in Gorakhpur, and have been assigned a similar task of curbing the anti-social elements not only in eastern UP, but throughout the state. We have many things to do," he said. The Chief Minister urged the public to take forward the welfare schemes of the Centre so that the benefits reach the last strata of the society. "The PM's schemes have shown us a guiding light, which we should take forward," he said.

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