Nigerian's body subjected to autopsy, inquest

The post-mortem and inquest on Nduku Ifeanyi Christian, a Nigerian who died mysteriously on March 13, were carried out at Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital on Saturday in the presence of two officials, police and a member of the African community.

Africans living in Bengaluru stayed put around the morgue as the post-mortem began around 11 am and went on till 3.30 pm. “Only after the reports emerge will we be able to know the exact cause of death,” said Renuka K Sukumar, DCP (Traffic-North). The body has been kept at the hospital as the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) had closed by then. Members of the African community have obtained clearance from police and will decide on Monday on sending the body to Nigeria or burying it in Bengaluru.

Home Minister G Parameshwara reiterated that there was no racism angle in the Nigerian’s death. “The Ministry of External Affairs and the FRRO monitor visas. They do not share information with us. In each police station, during their (foreigners’) entry into the city or state, or admissions to college/institutions, they should inform the nearest police station about foreign nationals. The police will go there and verify and create a database. The process has started. The one who is dead did not have a passport. It expired in 2012. We have deported about 70 people. We need to simplify norms related to deporting foreign nationals,” he said in a statement.
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