Schools not happy with move to regulate them, parents upbeat

Schools not happy with move to regulate them, parents upbeat

Schools not happy with move to regulate them, parents upbeat

Associations of Private CBSE and ICSE schools in the city are unhappy with the Cabinet’s decision to amend the Karnataka Education Act (KEA), 1983, to regulate them.

The government took the decision in the interest of the safety of children in these schools and to allow the government regulate fees. However, associations of CBSE and ICSE schools believe the move will cause unnecessary interference.

M Srinivasan, president of Managements of Independent CBSE Schools Association (MICSA), said, “We are already following the rules and regulations when it comes to children’s safety. They already have the mechanism to implement these through Posco Act. I don’t understand why they need to bring our schools under the KEA.” He said the association would wait for more details on what the change would entail, before considering legal recourse.

On the government’s intention to control fee fixation, Srinivas said, “They have the right to regulate, which they already are doing, but not to fix the fees. They are based on many factors which the government officials will not know.”

Mansoor Ali Khan, secretary of MICSA, said, “With all these regulations, we will face harassment from different officials. We already have the CBSE to govern us.”

He said the schools would prefer to talk to the government, but if that does not work, they may go for legal measures.

“There may be a few rogue schools which charge arbitrary fees, but the government should not see all schools in the same light.”

B Gayatri Devi, president of the Karnataka ICSE Schools Management Association, said, “First, the government should make an attempt to understand the norms schools are required to follow before they obtain affiliation to the board.”

Parents, on the other hand, welcome the move.

“Every year, schools hike the fees without giving explanation. If this continues, education will become unaffordable. We hope the amendment is made and the fees are
regulated strictly,” said a parent.