'Music is what calms me down'

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'Music is what calms me down'

For 19-year-old Kritika Pathak, becoming a singer-songwriter was a dream come true. Her love for rock music brought her on to many platforms while her passion for  performing her own compositions keeps her going.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, this young artiste talks about her inspirations and music so far.

How did your musical journey start?
I hail from a musical family. So, music comes naturally to me. I was in the sixth grade when I started getting trained in classical music. In the ninth grade, there was an inter-collegiate competition for bands which I took part in and I won the first prize. I composed my first song for this competition. Since then, there has been no looking back. I love classic rock and I love listening to metal music.

When did you take up music more seriously?
I’m a second-year degree student of St Joseph’s College of Arts. It was during my first year in college that I took to music with dedication. In Allahabad, my hometown, platforms for music are not many. Bengaluru is the land of music.

Tell us about your musical inspirations.
I am truly inspired by bands like ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Nirvana’. Their music is so awe-inspiring. This is how I bonded with my guitar and decided to play music on stage. I am strongly influenced by Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee from ‘Evanescence’.  

What does your guitar  mean to you?
My guitar is the love of my life. He listens to me, accompanies me and echoes my feelings like no one else.

Can you throw light on your music?
Earlier, most songs used to be about my feelings. Nowadays, my songs reflect on what is happening around me. I start writing, then I pick up the guitar and compose alongside. In a day or two, I would be done with the song and then I play it on a stage like Indigo Live Music Bar or The Humming Tree. I am thankful that I have got great feedback till date.

Which are your compositions?
I have seven compositions — ‘Into The Void’, ‘When You’re Young’, ‘Hope’, ‘Speak To Me’, ‘Here We Are Again’, ‘Just Another Heartbreak’ and ‘School Anthem’. From heartbreaks to breaking stereotypes of the society, my songs include differe­nt topics. I am working on my next song at the moment, whi­ch is about a girl in a city and how she tries to fit in. I hope to cut an album in the future too.

How would you define music?
Music is what calms me down. When I want to just let go off something, I plug in my earphones and immerse myself in the lyrics.

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