Blending visual art with music

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Blending visual art with music
Various elements, including experimental techno, conceptual art and music as a physical sculpture, came together to create ‘a certain object’ with Alfons Knogl, Holger Otten and Barnt.

The artistes, who recently presented a captivating performance at Goethe Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, left the audience feeling that it was more than just music that they had experienced.

Having performed at various concerts around the world, the band returned from a successful performance at the ‘Kochi-Muziris Biennale’ and also enchanted Bengalureans in the city. Alfons, who conceptualised ‘a certain object’’, talks to Anushree Agarwal about the idea, the intention behind it and their time in Bengaluru.

Tell us about ‘a certain object’.
It is a music project which deals in between the borderlines of contemporary visual arts and music. So it is music but it is also percepted as a visual arts piece, for instance, a sculpture or an object.

How did you come up with the idea?
The idea came about as I am a visual artist dealing with sculpture and music — mainly from my personal artwork. All the three of us are in between music and contemporary visual arts. I conceptualised the idea and Holger and Barnt joined me.

What is the intention behind the performance?
At first, you think that you are in a music concert. Since there are no beats in the music and it is very slow, I think it’s a music concert but it’s also something different.. A lot of people attending our concert said later that it was music but it was also like experiencing something physically. Which is why it’s called ‘a certain object’.

Which other projects are you’ll involved in?
Presently, we are playing together at a lot of concerts, which takes time. As a trio, we are working to release our first album this year. I am also headed for a residency grant in Germany for nine months.

When not involved in projects...
I am a visual artist, Holger is a curator at a museum and Barnt is a DJ who’s booked every weekend around the globe. We keep really busy but each of us likes to unwind in our own fun way.

How did you find Bengaluru?
All of us like the city pretty much. I was here three years ago for two months and I know Bengaluru quite well. I have enjoyed eating some Indian food like ‘paneer masala’ and ‘gobhi’. Holger and Barnt have been here for only a few days and are waiting to explore more of it.

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