Ringing in the spirit

Ringing in the spirit

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Ringing in the spirit

Ugadi’, the Hindu lunar new year, is one of those occasions when all of Sandalwood soaks in the festive spirit.  Most actors are planning to take the day off to spend quality time with their families.

As Ugadi approaches, they shared their plans for the festival day with ‘Metrolife’.

Nikki, Actor
“As a child, I would wait for festivals because  festivals meant holidays. The whole day would be spent playing with my friends and cousins. But now festivals have become more significant because one understands its relevance and the importance of spending time with family. I will be working this year and will be missing my family. But I do hope to take a break and go a holiday with them soon.”

Priyanka Upendra, Actor
“The first thing that we do on ‘Ugadi’ morning is to eat ‘Bevu Bella’. It is a tradition to eat something sweet and bitter at the same time. My father- in-law Manjunath Rao makes excellent ‘Mysore Pak’ during the festival. We also make ‘Pakoras’, ‘Obbattu’ and ‘Jalebi’.” We will also have ‘Foxtail Millet Payasam’ and ‘Foxtail Millet Bisi Bele Bath’ as well. Festivals are an occasion to get together with family and friends.”

Vijay Raghavendra, Actor
“I won’t be working on ‘Ugadi’. I have already told my mother to make ‘Bele Obbattu’ and ‘Obbattu Saru’ — two of my favourite dishes this season. As children, my brother SriiMurali, and I would wait for our cousins to arrive at my place. We would also join my mother in drawing ‘Rangoli’ in front of our house. Much has changed now and we have all got busy with our own lives. But festivals are occasions when the family gets together.”

Aishwarya Arjun, Actor
“We live in Chennai but this year, ‘Ugadi’ will be spent in Bengaluru. My father Arjun Sarja is shooting and my sister Anjana is in New York. My mother and I hope to catch up with them on Skype. My mother and grandmother are good cooks, so I look forward to the ‘Bisi Bele Bath’ and ‘Obbattu’ that they make during ‘Ugadi’. I am fortunate that I don’t gain weight that easily, so I don’t watch my diet ever. Festivals are always an excuse for me to eat all my favourite food.”

(As told to Nina C George)