King of fruits mango kicks in, but orange still rules the roost

King of fruits mango kicks in,  but orange still rules the roost
The king of fruits, mango, has hit the market, but the taste buds and market sales still seem to be ruled by oranges. The oranges are available in varieties and are affordable for the buyers, which have made them the favourite this summer.

The rate ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 60 per kg and shopkeepers say the rate depends on the variety. According to the Horticultural Producer’s Cooperative Marketing and Processing Society (Hopcoms) Limited, one kg of Nagpur orange costs Rs 45 and a kg of Ooty orange costs Rs 70. The Australian orange costs Rs 136 a kg.

B Krishna, Hopcoms managing director, told DH the prices are low because oranges are available in abundance in the market. The best and most popular variety is Nagpur oranges, available at affordable rates. The orange season is till end of March, but still there is no shortage of the fruit in the market or even supplies. Padma, a shopkeeper, said the orange season is still on and so, the price is economical. The ones which are available at around Rs 20 a kg are not suitable for table consumption, they are ideal to make juice with sweetening agents. The prices of the ones for table consumption range between Rs 50 to Rs 60. The skin in thicker and the size is bigger. These fruits are sweeter compared to the other varieties which are sour, said Gopalaswamy, a fruit vendor.

He said though mangoes have hit the market, oranges are still popular because of the availability and affordability. Mangoes are very expensive and many customers are complaining about the quality, saying they are sour. This has made this citrus fruit more popular.

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