Fast food makes you impatient

Fast food makes you impatient

“Fast food is one of many technologies that allow us to save time. But the ironic thing is that by constantly reminding us of time efficiency, these technologies can lead us to feel much more impatience,” says lead author Sanford DeVoe.

Echoing his views, co-author of the study “Psychological Science” Chen-Bo Zhong says: “Fast food represents a culture of time efficiency and instant gratification. The problem is that the goal of saving time gets activated upon exposure to fast food regardless of whether time is a relevant factor in the context”.

The team carried out three experiments in this regard. In the first experiment, they flashed symbols related to fast food like the golden arch of McDonald’s on a computer screen for a few milli seconds.They found that this unconscious exposure increased participants’ reading speed in a subsequent task compared to those in a control condition.

In the second study, the participants went for shopping and some of them were made to recall a time when they ate at a restaurant. In comparison to the control group these volunteers preferred time-saving products over regular ones.

From their final experiment, the team found that people exposed to fast food logos exhibited greater reluctance for saving.

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