Camelot runs away with Narmada Trophy

Bangalore race results

Camelot, wonderfully steered by B Sreekanth and trained by Dhariwal took home the Narmada Trophy, over 1600 metres, the main event of Friday’s races here.

Camelot jumped into the lead right from the start, with Chandrasekar-steered Spark Of Reverence and Glitterato in tow. Camelot, though kicked on in the straight leaving the rest of the pack in their wake to score a comfortable victory by four lengths over favourite Glitterato, ridden by Suraj Narredu.
Rugged Beauty (PS Chouhan up) and Chandrasekar-steered Spark Of Reverence finished third and fourth respectively.
Classic Charge, expertly ridden by Suraj Narredu took the spoils in the Sandur Trophy, a race for horses rated 60-85, ridden over 1200 metres.
Romance In The Air, made the early running with Alpha Baby and Superb Style closely following. The race winner Classic Charge and tote favourite Bhagirathi, steered by Vinod Shinde, were bunched up in the middle.
At the straight, Narredu pushed his ward Classic Charge, and jumped into the lead.
Bhagirathi made a late surge, but could not do enough to catch up to the winner, who won by a comfortable length. Harish-ridden Superb Style and Alpha Baby, piloted by S De Sousa settled for third and fourth.
Rashid Byramji-schooled Yas Marina, ridden by S De Sousa ran away with the upper division of the Mercara Plate, a terms race over 1100 metres.
Yas Marina was followed by PS Chouhan-steered Day Trader, who came in a huge seven lengths behind to finish in second place.
1. Mercara Plate (Div II) -- 1100M: Braavo (Marthand Singh Mahindra & Sp Thirunavukkarasu’s) S De Sousa 1; Smart Ways (Md Shoaib) 2; Jaanvi (Vivek) 3; Splendid Dancer (I Chisty) 4; WB: 6, 2-1/4, 1L; T: 1:09.04; Tote: Rs 11w, Rs 10, Rs 16, Rs 15p; TB: D Byramji; Fav: Braavo; Fc: Rs 50; Q: Rs 33; SHP: Rs 29; Tri: Rs 57 and Rs 27.
2. Charmudi Plate -- 1600M: Our Cruise (Sharat Kumar & R Cham Devaraju’s) H Rathod 1; Orange Orchard (Khurshad A) 2; Burning Ambitions (Harish) 3; My Musketeer (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: 3-1/4, 3/4, 3-1/4L; T: 1:42.52; Tote: Rs 17w, Rs 12, Rs 19, Rs 13p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Our Cruise; Fc: Rs 73; Q: Rs 82; SHP: Rs 47; Tri: Rs 95 and Rs 30.
3. Mercara Plate (Div I) -- 1100M: Yas Marina (Marthand Singh Mahindra, G Surendranath & Mrs Dolly Byramji) S De Sousa 1; Day Trader (PS Chouhan) 2; Hard To Pin Down (R Koch) 3; Sky Rider (I Chisty) 4; WB: 7, 1-3/4, Ns; T: 1:08.36; Tote: Rs 17w, Rs 10, Rs 13, Rs 67p; TB: Byramji; Fav: Yas Marina; Fc: Rs 56; Q: Rs 47; SHP: Rs 40; Tri: Rs 407 and Rs 296.
4. Sandur Trophy -- 1200M: Classic Charge (Mrs C Indira Medappa, S Narredu & Syed Ainuddin Arif’s) Suraj Narredu 1; Bhagirathi (Vinod Shinde) 2; Superb Style (Harish) 3; Alpha Baby (S De Sousa) 4; WB: 1, 2-1/2, 1/2L; T: 1:13.84; Tote: Rs 30w, Rs 14, Rs 14, Rs 33p; TB: S Narredu; Fav: Bhagirathi; Fc: Rs 89; Q: Rs 41; SHP: Rs 44; Tri: Rs 303 and Rs 202.
5. Narmada Trophy -- 1600M: Camelot (Dr & Mrs Vijay Mallya rep Utd Rac & B’stk Breeders Ltd’s) B Sreekanth 1; Glitterato (Suraj Narredu) 2; Rugged Beauty (PS Chouhan) 3; Spark Of Reverence (Chandrasekar) 4; Not run: Mr President; WB: 4, Lnk, 1/2L; T: 1:39.68; Tote: Rs 40w, Rs 16, Rs 14, Rs 41p; TB: Dhariwal; Fav: Glitterato; Fc: Rs 26; Q: Rs 17; SHP: Rs 39; Tri: Rs 146 and Rs 137; Exp: Rs 585 and Rs 225.
6. Banavasi Plate (Div I) -- 1200M: Fantabulous Prince (Sharat Kumar’s) S John 1; Royal Amber (Suraj Narredu) 2; Spark Of Isis (Chandrasekar) 3; Poetic (Vivek) 4; WB: 3/4, 1, 2-1/4L; T: 1:14.89; Tote: Rs 101w, Rs 21, Rs 15, Rs 25p; TB: Sharat K; Fav: Royal Amber; Fc: Rs 760; Q: Rs 209; SHP: Rs 47; Tri: Rs 1,365 and Rs 682; Exp: Rs 2,892 and Rs 1,301.
7. Vibrant Plate -- 1400M: Mercutio (Aditya P Thackersey & Sujan Dias’) PS Chouhan 1; Man Down Under (Vinod Shinde) 2; Captain’s Lover (Gautam Raj) 3; Spark Of Joy (Chandrasekar) 4; WB: 1-1/4, 3/4, 2L; T: 1:28.74; Tote: Rs 57w, Rs 15, Rs 38, Rs 13p; TB: Dominic; Fav: Captain’s Lover; Fc: Rs 396; Q: Rs 180; SHP: Rs 112; Tri: Rs 1,346 and Rs 238; Exp: Rs 17,982.
8. Banavasi Plate (Div II) -- 1200M: Blushing Beam (MAM Ramaswamy’s) Md Shoaib 1; Express It (B Sreekanth) 2; Hidalgo (Chandrasekar) 3; Your Destiny (I Chisty) 4; WB: 3-3/4, Nk, 5-1/4L; T: 1:14.47; Tote: Rs 30w, Rs 15, Rs 34, Rs 19p; TB: Karan S; Fav: Blushing Beam; Fc: Rs 229; Q: Rs 244; SHP: Rs 93; Tri: Rs 1,330 and Rs 570; Exp: Rs 4,263 and Rs 1,188.
Jackpot: Rs 82,258 (4). Runners: Rs 4,147 (34). Mini-jackpot: Rs 6,787 (4). Treble: Rs 144 (260).

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