When experiments go wrong

When experiments go wrong

listen to me Richa Chaddha and Piyush in the film.

When the muscle-n-skin show of the leads evoke only titters, it is evident that the craving for even soft porn has reached saturation point among the audiences. For staunch movie buffs however, ‘Nirdoshi’ presents another puzzle – which portion of the entire film deserved the U/A certificate from the censor authorities? Right from the beginning when a dead-to-the-world-looking Kharbanda’s   monologue. Sifting through heaving bosoms the story can be summed up as follows: A renowned scientist’s experiment goes wrong with disastrous consequences for both the hero and the three ladies (conned into playing heroines).

The director pushes the limits of voyeurism and reverts immediately to the chaste environs of scientific mumbo-jumbo.

The result is dissatisfying to both nerds and perverts. Rubbing salt into this wound, the director, who had earlier titled the film ‘Rasagulla’ ensures that those with a sweet tooth will immediately swear off the Bengali sweet!

In the end, the ‘nirdosh’, hapless audience is subjected to much mindless cruelty. Porn-lovers and families may do well by staying away.

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