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Last Updated 28 March 2017, 19:04 IST

Payal Khandwala’s fashion philosophy is to be simple and stay simple. Over the years, she has carved a niche with her intricate and comfortable designs. Her creativity is showcased in  the bright colours, varied designs and different fabrics used.

Having completed five years in the industry, she is thrilled to showcase her Spring-Summer collection ‘Back to Basics’. She talks to Anila Kurian about the collection and her future plans.

Can you elaborate on ‘Back to Basics’.

Being the anniversary collection, I wanted to remember through it why I began designing in the first place. I like my designs to be simple, sensible and comfortable suitable for any occasion. My focus was to cater to the demand but still be inclusive.

Tell us about the colour palette and motifs used...

I am always particular about the colours I use — I like to have that pop in my creations. Since it is for Spring Summer, I wanted to keep it light and breezy. I’ve used cotton, silk and linen as materials and flowers for design.

The inspiration behind this collection...

The print story was a cluster of roses — a simple thought with a strong reference; a motif that is central to the perceived dichotomy of femininity and strength. Yet I conceived them as an antithesis of how we typically see flowers in spring — fragile, in full bloom and in colour. So when I pencilled the artwork, the theme was gentle in theory but bold in execution.

How do you always design something out-of-the-box and still become a trendsetter?

Over the years, I realised that I have to keep buying new clothes that I don’t really need. I would have to discard them or stack them away for six years till they make a comeback. When I design, I try to make clothes that will stand the test of time and I guess that’s what clicks.

Do you think there are instances where designers are not given enough credit?

Not really, because I don’t think making clothes will change the world. A designer gets credit when people buy their clothes; what more do you need! And that’s all I ask for.

Have you started working on your next collection?

I just came back from a long and much-needed vacation. I haven’t decided on anything yet but will plan something soon.

In all the designs you have showcased till now, what has been a constant?
I don’t create anything that I don’t wear. There are certain boxes that need to be ticked — it has to be simple, sensible, practical and so far. That thought process is something that I keep in mind every time I design an outfit and it will always remain.

(Published 28 March 2017, 16:45 IST)

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