Sushma steps in, assures Nigerian students of safety

Sushma steps in, assures Nigerian students of safety

Sushma steps in, assures Nigerian students of safety
Five people were arrested for assaulting some Nigerian students in Greater Noida, as the Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, stepped in to reassure the safety of  Africans studying and living in the city in Uttar Pradesh. Sushma called up Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and discussed with him the measures needed to be taken to bring the perpetrators to justices and ensure safety of the African students in Greater Noida.

“I have spoken to Yogi Adityanathji, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, about attack on African students in Greater Noida. He has assured that there will be a fair and impartial investigation into this unfortunate incident,” the external affairs minister posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

The Ministry of External
Affairs too issued a statement terming the incident of attacks on Africans as “deplorable”. “The government is committed to ensuring safety and security of all foreigners in India. People from Africa, including students and youth, remain our valued partners,” Gopal Baglay, official spokesperson of the MEA, said. The incident took place on Monday when a mob assaulted four Nigerian students in Greater Noida. A large number of students from Africa come to study in educational institutions in Greater Noida.

At the receiving end
The African community in Greater Noida was at the receiving end of the wrath of local people after Manish, a teenager from the city, died apparently due to narcotics overdose. The African community is generally accused of drug peddling. Police arrested some Nigerians after the death of Manish, but released them after questioning due to lack of evidence. This irked the local residents who took out a protest march. Some of the protesters assaulted the four Nigerians.

Sushma stepped in after Sadiq Bello, a Nigerian student at Sharda University in Greater Noida, drew her attention to the incident on Twitter. Bello described the situation as “life-threatening”, prompting the external affairs minister  and the MEA to swing into action. Minister of State for External Affairs, M J Akbar, apprised the acting high commissioner of Nigeria the steps being taken by local authorities for the safety of Nigerians in Greater Noida.

“The external affairs minister has spoken to the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. Law enforcement authorities of the district have made arrests and are investigating into this matter. They are also taking necessary steps to keep the situation under control,” said Baglay.