Minimum effort yields better result

Minimum effort yields better result

Looking forward A scene from the film.

It is the norm in the industry to mass-manufacture films on any theme that catches public fancy and sets the cash registers ringing. The title of this film (35/100) is misleading in that sense. To say that ‘35/100’ is a celebration of the golden moments culled out of college life - be it study hassles, ragging in hostel, the first flush of love, rivalry, consequences... is gross injustice to the film.

The debutant director with his trusted team - all newcomers, does a fairly nice job of marshalling the resources at his disposal. With a story that is at once simple and has considerable depth, Deepak comes up trumps in most places. His dialogues are bang on, peppered with contemporary college lingo. The choice of actors is also interesting. The director’s overall treatment makes for pleasant, yet relaxed viewing.

That the proceedings tend to drag on may put off those who are looking for some quick entertainment. Also, not all characters are handled well. However, influenced perhaps by Kurosawa’s film ‘Rashomon’, Deepak uses the perspective of each character to give that much-needed rounded feel. The lack of homework hampers the director’s ambition as he fails to have a grip on the proceedings and the goof-up in transmission via satellite is a big letdown. Pranava’s music is fresh, in tune with the film’s mood. However, the Viper camera effect is hardly felt in its first outing here.

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