When music is the best therapy

When music is the best therapy

Drummer Vikram Anand finds soulful music in each of the beats he taps. The youngster, who also works as a web developer, feels that the drums and other percussion instruments communicate his feelings much better than any other instrument. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Vikram talks about his journey in the world of music so far.

How did your journey start?
I was in the eighth standard when I took up music. One of the teachers, who taught us, used to play the tabla and it instantly caught my attention. He used to take classes for us and my interest gradually progressed. Even when I was younger, the drums used to attract me more than the guitar. Whenever I heard a tune, I would bang tables instead of humming it.

Your first stage performance...
My first performance was in ninth standard at boarding school. More recently, I have performed at many venues including BFlat, Take 5, Hard Rock Cafe, Big Pitcher and Phoenix MarketCity.

Which bands do you play for?
I am a part of ‘Flu’, a pop-punk blues band, and ‘Serious Apple’, which is a neo-rock and psychedelic rock band. The music is varied for these entities and the experiences are widely different.

The different percussions you play include...
I play the cajon, the djembe, a bit of dholak, the tabla and the tambourine. But I mainly play the drums. I am self-trained in these apart from being trained a little in the tabla. I have pursued a course affiliated with the Trinity Music School, London.

The most challenging kind of music is...
I was recently introduced to jazz, which is difficult to pick up for any drummer. The beats will sound simple and smooth but jazz has a complicated structure.

From a beat to a composition, how does the process work for you?
Most of my works are inspired by conversations. In ‘Leading Lady’ and an unnamed work, I remember working with sounds, structuring around them and working with varied beats before the body builds up. The composition just happens organically.

Your bond with the drums...
Drums are my first love. Just like how one meets a girl and pursues her, my journey with the drums is similar. Each beat is inspired from a song I might have heard and I try to explore it in my own way. I’m not an aggressive drummer — I like playing complicated sounds that might sound simple to others.

Your influences...
My influences keep changing. At the moment, I’m influenced by Scott Henderson’s music. In percussionists, Sivamani tops the list and I also like Virgil Donati’s style. I am deeply influenced by blues by BB King, ‘The Doors’, Eric Clapton and John Mayer.

Music to you is...
Music reduces stress. It helps one become more peaceful.

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