Janardhanahalli and Mavinahalli in Shanivarasanthe await development work

Janardhanahalli and Mavinahalli in Shanivarasanthe await development work

Legislative Committee instructions yet to be fulfilled

Twin villages Janardhanahalli and Mavinahalli have not seen development for generations. Janardhanahalli and Mavinahalli, which are situated 15-km from Shanivarasanthe and 5-km from Kodlipete, were submerged in the backwaters of River Hemavathi in 1975. As a result, only 60 agriculture labour families stayed back in the villages waiting for compensation from the government.

“At present, majority of the population comprise SC, ST, backward class and Veerashaiva community. There are 850 voters in the village. However, the residents do not have title deeds. There are two to three families with one RR number,” said the villagers. “The villages have not seen good roads and bus facilities. There is no burial ground. During the peak summer, the villages suffer from acute shortage of water but convert into an island during monsoon. No marriage function takes place during monsoon. It is difficult to rear cattle, as most of us fear elephant menace,” said villagers Tyagaraj and Rangayya.

The villages have only one government lower primary school with a single teacher. During the beginning of the academic year, the school had eight students. With the recession in backwater, the fishermen, along with their children, migrated to Goa in search of greener pastures. Now, there are only two students in the school.

“The Legislative Committee, on promises led by MLA Govinda Karajola, had visited the villages recently and had conducted a survey. The Committee had recommended Rs 50 lakh for the development of Janardhanahalli, and Rs 62 lakh for Mavinahalli. It had directed the district administration to take up the work on a community hall, roads, a minor irrigation project and a burial ground. However, the promises have not been fulfilled so far,” said the villagers.

Tyagaraj, a farmer from Janardhanahalli, said, “Even we want to lead a decent life. Without any development and facilities, how to write our future in this village?” Speaking to DH, Besooru Gram Panchayat Development Officer H J Yadav said, “The villagers have emotional attachment to the village. As a result, they do not wish to get relocated. As per the direction of the Legislative Committee, an action plan has been prepared for a community hall and roads. The work would commence after the monsoon.”