Zing in every sip

Zing in every sip

Time for tea

Zing in every sip

If you are a tea lover and like to enjoy the beverage at your own pace, ‘Chai Cafe’ in Indiranagar is just the right place to head to. Though present in the busy locality of Indiranagar, it is a cosy place to hang out with friends after a long day at work.

The interiors are done up with posters of old Hindi movies and hanging lights that add to the homely and relaxed vibe. Though the menu is a small one, the variety in taste is what wins you over. One can choose from the number of teas that the place has to offer, be it the classic ‘Cutting chai’ or the experimental ‘Iced teas’.

Each member of the staff is efficient and well-informed about the menu. It is creatively stuck to each table for easy reading, so you don’t waste time waiting for the staff to get it. Ask for a cup of ‘Adrak ki kadak chai’ which is one of their fast- moving items or go for the ‘Kullad wali dum chai’. Each sip is strong and is sure to refresh you.

However, if you are fond of black tea, the classic ‘Sulemani chai’ is sure to please you.
They also have a few coolers that one can look forward to. These are refreshing and perfect for the present weather. A small section in the menu is also dedicated to coffee lovers, so if you are up for some experimentation, try out the ‘Fresh ginger coffee’. The sudden hint of ginger in the coffee is a new experience altogether.

This cafe also houses some lip-smacking munchies that are the perfect companions for your cup of tea. ‘Rasta thela tosty’ and ‘Varma je ke vada pav’ are worth trying. There are a few cookies and small bites to complement your beverage as well. The best part about the place is that it serves food that’s rightly portioned for one person. The cafe is pocket-friendly and serves fresh food at your table so sit back and enjoy every moment with your favourite cup of ‘chai’. Though the place is small and can be easily missed, one should visit it for the wonderful variety of teas it serves.

‘Chai Cafe’ is located at Shop 3265, 11th Main, 8th Cross, Near IOB Bank, Indiranagar. For details, call 8971028877.