A rustic flavour

A rustic flavour

Art exhibition

A rustic flavour

Rustic Sensibility’, an exhibition of oil and acrylic paintings by D S Chougale, was recently inaugurated at Rangoli Art Centre, MG Road. The artist, belonging to Belagavi, is a contemporary playwright and literary figure in Kannada, who is presently a professor in a degree college there.

“My interest in painting began when I was in high school. My art teacher and mentor, A P Patil, who held a degree from the prestigious JJ School of Fine Arts, noticed my sketches and encouraged me immensely. He inculcated in me a sense of colour. I was actively involved in painting even during college and imbibed the saying, ‘See and understand, practise and perfect it’. I also studied the works of senior contemporary artists. Gradually, I formed my own identity and there has been no looking back since,” says Chougale.

The exhibition depicts the sensibility of rural areas and captures the people, culture and rituals in the villages. There are about 32 works on display and sale, a mix of oil and acrylic on canvas. “This exhibition has paintings that I have worked on since 2014,” says the artist.
Ask him about some of his favourite works and he highlights, “There is an abstract acrylic work — it has an evening skylit backdrop with huts in front and there is some light coming from there.

It’s that entire image which I’ve tried to depict. Then there is a villagescape in acrylic, of a lone big old bungalow; I have attempted to portray its image and depth.

An oil painting of a female labourer working in a tobacco godown, holding a basket in her hand, is also a memorable one. There is a villagescape in oil where I have done knife work. There are also these two paintings showing the ritualistic priests who are often seen in North Karnataka and South Maharashtra,” says Chougale.

Gomathi Gowda, the curator of the exhibition, feels that the artist has done a fabulous job. “To get these strokes and the vibrancy of colours in oil is a feat in itself. He has tried to recreate and rebuild a lot of traditional indigenous values through the portrayal of themes related to rustic life,” she says.

“It is a really nice exhibition. I haven’t seen abstract oil paintings with a rural theme earlier, it is quite rare. Even the ‘Devadasi’ concept has been portrayed really well,” said Milind, a visitor to the exhibition.

‘Rustic Sensibility’ will be on display today and tomorrow at Rangoli Art Centre.