Water woes: ZP president for rejuvenation of lakes and wells

Water woes: ZP president for rejuvenation of lakes and wells

Workshop held on water conservation

Water woes are the results of our own acts of disrespecting water, said A R Shivkumar, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology general scientific officer. He was speaking after inaugurating a workshop on water conservation for district-level officers at Dr V S Acharya Hall in Zilla Panchayat on Monday.

“We have to respect natural resources like air, light and water. Water management is an important area and the governance has been giving more thrust on it as water projects have become the necessity of today. If not used carefully, water will be sold like petrol in the days to come. Uncontrolled drilling of borewells has resulted in the loss of ground water. About 98% of borewells are defunct today,” said the officer.

‘Collect rainwater’
“We must collect rainwater and recharge groundwater. Rainwater is naturally pure water and it could be collected with easy steps,” he reminded. For more information, one can visit http://rwh-advisor.info or rainmanspeaks.blogspot.com Inaugurating the programme, Zilla Panchayat president Dinakar Babu felt a need to rejuvenate lakes and wells. “We have to use water judiciously,” he said.

‘Focus on project’
DC Priyanka Mary Francis said that the engineers from the district should come up with a project to implement rainwater harvesting in government hostels, anganwadi and individual houses. The local urban bodies should ensure that the rainwater harvesting system is installed in all apartments. ZP vice president Sheela Shetty, deputy secretary Nagesh Raikar and chief planning officer Srinivas Rao were present.