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Upon A Bright Red Bench

Pallavi Rebbapragada
Om, 2017, pp 248, Rs. 295
In this collection of stories, there are bankers, artists, engineers, journalists, designers, dreamers and doers who roam the world in search of attention and approval. When their ordinary lives bring them to a bench, they find life-altering realisations.

Islands in Flux
Pankaj Sekhsaria
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 268, Rs. 399
This compilation is the author’s writings on key issues in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, nd provides a consolidated account that is relevant both for the present and the future of this beautiful but fragile and volatile island chain.

The Hunt For Rama’s Bow
Suhail Mathur
Om, 2017, pp 312, Rs. 295
This novel follows Mohan Sharma, a graduate, who, while flipping through the pages of mythology, becomes aware of a sinister presence lurking around. He comes across the secret that brings him face-to-face with his adversary blessed with the boon of immortality. He must find the Kodanda, the weapon that can spell doom for his enemy.

Pathways to Greatness
A P J Abdul Kalam
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 157, Rs. 250
In the book he completed just a few months before his death in 2015, A P J Abdul Kalam shifts focus from the economic development of India by 2020 to the
development of our national character, offering key lessons that will help India withstand the forces of change.

Lords Of The Global Village
Ranendra, translated by Rajesh Kumar
Speaking Tiger, 2017, pp 166, Rs. 250
Master Sahib is appointed to a school for tribal girls in rural Jharkhand — on a remote plateau, near open bauxite mines. But, when Lalchan Asur, the village chief’s son, appears in his room, battered and bloody, Master Sahib must get involved with the community around him!

Edited by Daniel Franklin
Hachette, 2017, pp 242, Rs. 499
Technology moves fast — so where will it have taken us by 2050? How will it affect the way we live?
How far are we willing to let it go? In this book, distinguished scientists, industry leaders, star academics and acclaimed science-fiction writers join journalists from The Economist to explore answers
to these questions.

The Last Gambit
Om Swami
Harper Collins, 2017, pp 202, Rs. 250
Vasu Bhatt is 14 years old when a mysterious old man spots him at a chess tournament and offers to coach him — on two strange conditions. What follows is an endearing yet trying relationship between the two, which ends in the pupil going to an important chess tournament.

The Telomere Effect
Elizabeth Blackburn, Elissa Epel
Hachette, 2017, pp 398, Rs. 499
This book explains how we age at a cellular level, and how we can make simple changes to
keep our chromosomes and cells healthy, allowing us to stay disease-free and live a long life.