'My father reposed faith in me'

'My father reposed faith in me'

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'My father reposed faith in me'
Actor Aishwarya Arjun says she never takes up anything unless she’s passionate about it. She also feels that it is hard to survive in the film industry if you are not passionate and committed to your job.

The young actor is set to make her debut in the Kannada film industry with ‘Prema Baraha’, directed by her father and actor-director Arjun Sarja. She says that she is glad to have got such a challenging role to play quite early in her career.  In an interview with Nina C George, she talks about the making of the movie.

What made you accept the project?
For me to get a role like this would have taken a long time. It has been quite challenging to portray the emotions required for the character. But I am glad that my father reposed faith in me and has developed such a beautiful character. For me, this role is a dream come true.

Describe your character.
I play the role of a journalist who is by nature a go-getter, boisterous and loud. But she also has another side to her that is calm and composed. My character is a mix of various emotions.

How was it to work with your father?
I’ve never looked at him as my father when on the sets. I don’t think he behaves like one as well when we are working. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from his actors.

Are you a director’s actor?
I prefer to be a director’s actor because that’s how it works best. It is the director’s vision that every actor works towards achieving. My father has been extremely open to taking suggestions from newcomers like me. He respects his actors’ perspectives.

How was it to work with your co-star Chandan?
Chandan is a very natural actor and a hardworking person. The love story shown in the film is very real with nothing ‘filmy’ about it. People have liked our pairing very much.

Are you open to working in other languages?
Cinema is an art and art has no barriers. I am not particular about which language I work in, as long as the script is good.

You come from a family of actors. What keeps you grounded?
My father doesn’t behave like a star at home. We’ve never been brought up like star kids. He has kept it very real for us by not mixing his personal and professional life.