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The Gamechangers
The Fake IPL Player
HarperCollins, 2010, pp 400, Rs 199
Indian Bollywood League, India’s premier T20 cricket tournament, is all set for its second edition. With the hard cash that it spins around, the league is as much about cricket as it is about the stars involved — both on the field and off it. Upsetting the apple cart for many of them is FIP, the Fake IBL Player, spreading gossip with the scandalous revelations on his blog.

Dreaming in Hindi:
Coming Awake in Another Language
Katherine Russell Rich
Tranquebar, 2010, pp 401, Rs 395
Having miraculously survived a serious illness, Rich spontaneously accepted a freelance writing assignment to go to India, where she found herself thunderstruck by the place and the language. Before she knew it she was on her way to Rajasthan in order to learn Hindi. In this memoir, Rich documents her experiences in India, using Hindi as the lens through which she is given a new perspective not only on India, but on the radical way the country and the language itself were changing her.

Madonna of Mumbai Cats & Other Stories
Sadiqa Peerbhoy
Har-Anand, 2010, pp 147, Rs 250
Set in Mumbai, a city which actively shapes and defines those who live in it, these are the stories of ordinary people with small hopes, aspirations, heartbreaks, victories and disappointments. A collection of tales that provide insights into the mysterious and complex workings of the human mind.

Women of The Tagore Household
Chitra Deb
Translated by Smita Chowdhry & Sona Roy
Penguin, 2010, pp 640, Rs 499
The Tagore family has long been the focus of public curiosity. Like the men, the women of this illustrious family have had a great and enduring influence on the life and people of Bengal. This book portrays several generations of connoisseurs, aesthetes and lovers of literature who were nurtured under the umbrella of cultural richness and spiritual freedom that the extended family provided.

The Caravan of White Gold
Michael Benanav
Jaico, 2010, pp 300, Rs 295
To get a glimpse of an ancient way of life, the author embarks on a 1,600 kilometre odyssey by foot and by camel. Joining up with the caravan of white gold— one of the last working camel caravans in the world — Benanav followed an age-old trade route, transporting gleaming slabs of solid rock rock salt from mines deep in the desert to the market in Timbuktu.

The Red Corridor
Ritu Dokania
Cedar, 2010, pp 166, Rs 150
Ramu, a domestic help, loves to flash his red torch light on the images of voluptuous heroines in the cinema and disparages foreign cuisine. Timila, an expatriate from Nepal is mocked by her urban friends in Chennai for not being able to comprehend western social etiquette. She falls in love with Manian, a Tamil businessman obsessed with medical research who tries to cure her facial flaws. And then she meets Ramu, who works for Manian, and is incidentally from her hometown.

Barefoot to Paradise
Soorina Arora
Macmillan, 2009, pp 248, Rs 225
The sale of a painting that depicts her childhood home prompts Naintara to dissect different aspects of her life: the awareness of being, the confusion about an inner voice, a necessity to co-exist with people and a desire for love that fills one void but deepens another. A book about the intriguing path life takes in order to bring one to something as simple as the self.