Aadhaar must for vehicle registration

Aadhaar must for vehicle registration

Aadhaar must for vehicle registration

To avoid duplication, the Centre has decided to link driving licences and vehicle registration to the Aadhaar number.

With the Union cabinet approving the revised Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016, last week, after accepting some of the changes suggested by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport and Culture, the government is proposing to link driving licences and an all-India register for vehicles with the Aadhaar number, Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said here. 

“Measures like linking Aadhaar to vehicle registration will help check registration of stolen vehicles. The move will also help in the portability and transfer of vehicle registration from one state to another,” he added.

The government will table the revised bill in Parliament this week, the minister said.
Online applications  

Though the government is firm on linking new licences with the Aadhaar number, on existing licences, the government is yet to take a decision, an official in the transport ministry said.

There is also a proposal to issue learners’ licences online.
An applicant, seeking a learner’s licence, need not come to the RTO office, instead he has to submit the application online mentioning his Aadhaar number. After completion of the online verification, a learning driving licence will be issued online itself to the applicant, the official said, adding that “this will eliminate corruption at one level”.

The government’s move to link licences with Aadhaar comes in wake of de-duplication of licences and registration of stolen vehicles.

Earlier, Gadkari said around 30% of driving licences were bogus and there are several cases where one person holds multiple licences.

“Once the Aadhaar number is linked to driving licences, it will be easy to check whether the applicant has got any other driving licence issued anywhere in the country since all RTOs (regional transport offices) will have access to the central database (known as Sarathi),” said an official in the ministry.

According to the transport ministry, about 18 crore driving licences have been issued across the country so far.