Fresh off the oven

Fresh off the oven

Fresh off the oven

It was during her maternity leave that she happened to attend a baking class. Little did she know that a leisure-time activity would make an impact on her. Linsha Maria Joseph, a software engineer by profession, slowly fell in love with the art of baking. Since she always had an inclination towards art and craft, baking was not a very difficult process for her.

“I started baking cakes for my friends and family which earned me a lot of appreciation. Taking my passion to the next level I started my venture ‘Crumbs n Creams’ in 2014,” she says.

Along with fondant cake, she also bakes fresh cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, engagements and other occasions. The first cake she baked was a vanilla sponge cake.

Linsha says that most of the time she gets orders for birthday cakes with themes like ‘Frozen’, vehicles like cars and bikes and cartoon characters. “Parents look for varied themes and designs to surprise their kids.The most favoured flavour among them is chocolate. Apart from cakes, I also make cake pops and cup cakes that are also very popular with my customers. Seeing my customer satisfied is what makes me happy too. I try my best to replicate the design that they want. It is challenging, but more than that it is a learning experience,” says Linsha. 

She gathers inspiration from cake artists like Rumana Jaseel and Poonam Maria Prem. Linsha says that her mother has been her greatest source of motivation and has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout her journey. “Though there are no major challenges that I have faced till now, the only issue is power outage. There are times when there is a sudden power outage and the cake is only half baked. During such times, I have to start from the scratch. Being a home baker, I always wish there were quick delivery services. These would be of great help to home bakers like me,” says Linsha.

The most challenging cake that she has created till now is a ‘castle-themed cake’. It was very detailed and to get the best out of it was a challenging task. She describes baking as a science and not art. She says, “Getting the perfect cake depends on the accurate proportion.

If the ingredients are not in the right proportion, the end product will not turn out  properly. Baking is a stressbuster for me and I make sure to take time out for it along with my regular job. It is usually late evenings or early mornings that I indulge in this passion of mine,” she adds.